Keeping Spirits Up: Six Tips for Boosting Employee Job Satisfaction Levels


There’s no denying that the happier your employees are, the more productive they are, the more successful your business will be, but raising your employee satisfaction rates is no easy feat, and will time, energy, and resources to rise up. It takes a long-term commitment to make these changes, and you need to be willing to build up your relationships.

However, there are several approaches you can take when it comes to boosting employee job satisfaction levels to help you get started. Today, we’re going to explore six of the best, so you can get started right away!

1. Highlighting Good Work

Whereas most managers will be quick to point out when things go wrong, it’s important that you take the time to highlight good work. When someone or your team does a good job, even when it’s a small thing, make sure you celebrate these little victories to boost morale and to help your employees feel appreciated for the work they do.

2. Communication is Key

You’re not going to know when anything goes wrong in your company, or if your employees are facing any difficulties that need to be addressed if you’re not communicating with them, which is why it’s so important to make sure clear and honest communication is encouraged. Over-communicate if you need too until you’re able to find the balance that works for your business.

3. Genuinely Care

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of the modern grind, but it’s important, as a manager, that you take a step back to genuinely care about the wellbeing of your employees. By genuinely and consistently showing your employees that you care, you will boost morale, nurture relationships, and build trust; all of which will help improve employee satisfaction levels over time.

4. Understanding Your Employees

Every employee is different and will be a different type of person and, therefore, will respond in different ways to different approaches when it comes to job satisfaction. It’s been scientifically proven over and over again that everybody fits into a certain personality type, and understanding these types can help define your approach.

By getting your employees to take the Myers Briggs personality test, perhaps the most popular and most detailed of all tests, you can understand your employees better, and they can better understand themselves.

5. Hold Long-Term Focus

It’s vital you plan for the long-term and keeping your employees happy over time, rather than living in the short term and just trying to continuously secure ‘little wins’. By having a long-term plan, you can help everyone stay on the page while ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal, and everyone feels a part of something bigger.

6. Help Your Employees Learn

One of the biggest causes of low morale is when employees feel as though they are stuck in a rut. With the inability to process or do something new, they’ll become unproductive and unmotivated. This is why it’s so important to provide new learning and progression opportunities to help teach new skills and to help them grow as individuals.


By following these six simple steps and tips, you can easily start to raise employee satisfaction levels and dramatically increase productivity and the retention rate within your business. The trick is to remain consistent and proactive for the best results.

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