Can Anxiety and Depression Be Cured Without Medication?


Our bodies are programmed to give certain reactions under some specific conditions. For instance, the fight or flight reaction when adrenaline pumps through our blood and fear of what is to come. The latter is referred to as anxiety.

Of course, anxiety is normal under stressful situations such as taking an interview or if it is because of public speaking. However, anxiety shouldn’t be confused for mere fear when this feeling exceeds more than 6 months. The same goes for depression; depression can not be interchanged with sadness.

  • Depression is not some sort of grief or a short-lived response to emotional situations; it is more than that. It is an actual medical condition that requires urgent attention. 

Both anxiety and depression are risk factors for various diseases and they could lead to death if proper care isn’t administered. Luckily, you can begin the fight against anxiety and depression right there in your room!

Check Out Ways You Can Combat Anxiety And Depression Without Medication:

  • Get A Quality Bedtime 

I have seen certain individuals brag about being able to pull just 3-4 hours of sleep every night. The rest of the night, as they say, is spent ‘working’. This ideology is very defective.

If you pull through anxiety or depression, you need to learn to reschedule your bedtime to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Yeah, you might consider than enormous; but, it is the best for you. Sleep helps you relieve mental stress. Not only does sleeping boost your productivity, but it also makes you a more relaxed and gives you a calm mind- meaning, sleep says no, a big one, to anxiety.  

So, you should take conscious actions by setting, and sticking to a bedtime routine as well as eliminating conditions such a bad mattress, that could disturb your sleep-time and then result in anxiety. 

If you are having an uphill struggle about choosing a good mattress, I would recommend Purple Premium Hybrid mattress (click for review). You should always read reviews before buying a mattress to get the best one according to your sleeping pattern and needs to get good nights of sleep.

  • Scream It Out!

Depression and anxiety could make you withdraw from people and gatherings, but really, it isn’t the best for you. You need to speak to someone. 

You might think that no one would understand your predicament, your deepest pains; but still, there is no harm in trying to do so. 

Talking to others doesn’t mean instilling fear in them, no. It involves a controlled outburst of your emotions, speaking out your fears. The more you fight anxiety and depression, the stronger they become. 

If you do not have anyone to talk to, scream at the top of your lungs. It would make you feel much better, I bet. 

  • Develop Self-confidence

A major problem people with anxiety battle with is the lack of self-confidence in them. However, believing in yourself could be a great way to provide a huge boost to your self-esteem and would generally reduce your anxiety to some levels. 

  • Don’t Reside To The Past 

Yeah, the past holds a key to several lessons; yet, abandoning your mind in your past mistakes and errors poses no good, just harm to your mental health. This is why you need to learn how to move forward in life.

Today’s mood, emotions, and thoughts are not a reflection of tomorrow’s. Neither does your past errors indicate your future. You should learn to accept your mistakes and move on. Doing so would help you to escape from the grip of depression. 

  • Set Feasible Goals 

Have you ever experienced the joy derived from completing a task you set your mind to do? It’s heavenly!

Unfortunately, when you fail to reach a goal, the opposite takes the course. It makes you think lowly of yourself, and then it could also result in an anxious mind when the next time you set a goal. 

So, you should play safe and set attainable goals. This doesn’t mean you should not dream big. Dream big but set great strategies so you don’t end up shooting yourself in the foot. 

  • Try Out Meditation 

Meditation helps you to arrange your thoughts and plans. It also gives you a platform to practice gratitude. 

If you are scared about talking to people about how you feel, try talking to yourself through meditation. Get into a comfortable position, and reflect on your past actions, mistakes and your plan to create a better future for yourself.


Also, you can meditate on your fear. Find out the root cause of your fear; why do you fear what you fear? Getting an answer to that would aid in the combat against anxiety and depression. 


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