How Small Business Owners Can Keep Team Members Happy?


Do you want to know the secret of a successful business? Believe it or not, there isn’t a big mystery there – if employees are satisfied, the business will flourish! It sounds relatively simple, doesn’t it?

When you are entering a business world, your main wish is to succeed in whatever you are doing and to be better than your competitors in all aspects. You spend months, sometimes years researching the market, exploring customer or clients’ needs, create a wonderful website, and so on. In general, you are doing everything just perfectly.

Do you, however, know that the key to success is the happiness of people working in your company? Now, how to make people happy? Even if satisfaction is generally an inner feeling and cannot come from the outside, some external factors can contribute to it. Everybody knows that if employers treat people with respect, pay adequately, give benefits, people will work better. But is there something more that you can do?

Of course, the few things mentioned above are just the basics. If you’re interested in how to achieve happiness through arranging and managing household routine, will be the best assistant in sorting out those little moments of our day-to-day lives.


It sounds funny, but it works. People like to be valued. And while promotions and things like that show that you appreciate them, it’s far from enough. You cannot daily promote employees, but what you can do is tell people how well they are performing their jobs. Your words will make them proud of their accomplishments and encourage them to work better and more.

It is also important to express gratitude for a job well done. Simply saying thank you will be a sign that you are not only satisfied but also thankful for all the time and energy employees invested in doing a good job. It will also show that you are conscious that the company thrives because of them.


Having to work in a shabby, loud, or crowded office is a buzzkill. Do your best to create a comfortable and, most importantly, attractive work environment. It might sound surprising, but good quality furniture and other equipment can change enormously how people feel about coming to work. What can be even more helpful is that you allow them to personalize their working space. Some people like to put flowers, pictures of their family, or places they love. This can make them feel homey in the office and give a lot of motivation.

If it is possible to offer a variety of food choices, your office space is likely too small for the cafeteria. Still, you can create a designated lunch area and order meals from some catering companies or restaurants.


Organize regular meetings where you will brief the people working in your company about everything that is going on. Transparency is crucial for a well-functioning team. But you can also go one step further and open up to proposal and advice. Encourage by asking whether they have some ideas on how to improve certain things, or if there is something they need to improve their skills.


People will be much happier about the work they chose by themselves than tasks someone else ordered to do. Organize a weekly or monthly meeting to discuss and offer responsibilities.


Plan some activities that have nothing to do with work for the entire team. This will allow everyone to get to know each other better, connect, and have fun. It doesn’t mean you have to make something extra big and spend a load of money. You can all go to a concert or a drink after work, visit a spa, or do other similar things.


We are aware that you are busy managing a company but don’t forget that your company is your staff. Taking the time to get to know individuals who are working for you will be super beneficial for both sides. You will understand what their passions are and how to develop them, and they will be happy because it shows that you are interested in them as human beings and not just employees.


As you can see, there are many things that you can do to make your company’s staff happy and increase their productivity. What is especially interesting is that none of them require special effort. Many business owners think it doesn’t matter how you treat the employees as long as you pay them well. This is far from the truth. It is necessary to pay people for their work, but keep in mind that showing appreciation is equally essential. What lovely things do you do to show people who are working in your company that you value them? Do you have some ideas that aren’t on our list?

About the Author

Five years ago, Randolph Ray started a small home reparation company, and today he has a team of 10 staff members. He understood very quickly that success would largely depend on the satisfaction of the staff. Recently he created a blog to share DIY guides and tips on tools such as the best home drill. Randolph also writes about running a successful business, hoping to inspire and motivate others.




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