Five Creative Ways to Increase Employee Morale


Even though many people love their jobs and coworkers, morale can always be improved at the office. Work can easily become stressful and overwhelming, so there must be positive encouragements and attitude boosters to keep employees motivated on their bad days. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to increase employee morale at the office!

Have Food on Hand for Employees

Always having food and snacks readily available for employees is an easy way to increase morale at the office. According to USA Today, 67% of surveyed employees said they were very happy at their current jobs when they were provided with free snacks and/or meals. It was also said that 48% of prospective employees would consider perks such as free food when weighing job offers. Therefore, providing free food makes a company more appealing to prospective employees while also improving the morale of current employees.

It is becoming more and more common for employers to provide employees with a full meal or two per day. However, many offices also keep delicious snacks of all varieties readily available. There are even subscription services available that can ship international snacks straight to the office each month for an affordable cost. A tasty and authentic subscription box will definitely increase employee morale!

Free food increases morale around the office in many ways. For example, it eliminates the midday lull. Tired or stressed employees can grab a snack to re-energize and prepare for the rest of the day. It also reduces stress on employees since they will not have to worry about packing or ordering food for the workday. Employees can also bond and interact with others while enjoying tasty snacks. It will provide a nice break from work, lead to happier employees, and even promote cross team/department bonding.

Celebrate Special Occasions and Accomplishments

Celebrating special occasions and accomplishments is another way to increase employee morale. Employees deserve to be rewarded and celebrated for their work, which goes a long way toward increasing morale. Instances such as individual and company-wide accomplishments, birthdays, and holidays can be celebrated with a fun office party. This will help to increase motivation and provide a nice break from the workday.

A party is not the only way to celebrate employee or company accomplishments. Financial rewards, plaques, awards, and an extra personal day are also great rewards. By instilling a sense of pride and showing employees that their work is being noticed, morale will see a significant increase.

Encourage Health, Fitness, and Wellness

Encouraging positive fitness and wellness habits among employees will significantly increase morale. It’s very easy to neglect one’s physical and mental health when spending 8+ hours staring at a screen and stressed out at the office. Many companies offer perks such as gym memberships, spin classes, and yoga or meditation to keep their employees physically and mentally fit.

While some larger companies and corporations have on-site perks, other companies can partner with local gyms or establishments and offer employees free or discounted memberships and facility access. It is also important to provide healthcare benefits such as medical and dental check ups with the Dentist in San Ramon to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Bring Your Family and/or Dog to Work

For one day a year, some offices allow employees to bring family members or pets into work. Regularly implementing this practice will significantly increase morale. Bringing family members to work allows them to see what goes on at the office and provides an in-depth look at their loved one’s job. Bringing a pet to the office will lower stress levels and lead to a happier, calmer atmosphere overall.

However, one must be sure to take necessary precautions. Pets must be properly groomed and behaved, and you must be considerate of any potential coworker’s pet allergies. It can also be distracting to have a pet or family member at the office, so it must not hamper productivity and focus.

Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities are another great way to boost morale in the office. Team-building activities instill a sense of camaraderie in the office, which will directly increase morale. It also allows employees across different departments or teams to interact and get to know each other better.

There are countless possibilities for team-building activities at or outside of the office. Community service is a great idea for team-building events, as there are lots of potential options and activities. Not only does this inspire camaraderie and increase employee morale, it also helps give back to the community.

Sports in another great way to help people get involved. Starting a fantasy football league or filling out brackets for tournaments like March Madness and the World Cup would both be fun activities to organize. Finally, office-wide trips are a great way to build teamwork and increase employee morale. Plan a fun trip to the beach and play games to take a break and unwind from all the stress of work.

Scheduling Flexibility and Work from Home

Accommodations to employee scheduling and remote working needs will increase their morale. While some positions require employees to physically be in the office, many jobs and tasks can be done anywhere with computer access. Some people are more productive away from the office, as there might be fewer distractions and an enhanced feeling of comfort from one’s home.

A condensed work week is another scheduling change to increase employee morale. More and more companies are switching to a four-day work week to help improve the work/life balance. A shortened but equally productive work week allows employees to enjoy their lives outside the office and pursue their passions. In turn, this helps to increase their morale and can significantly help their mental health.

In larger cities, many workers have long and stressful commutes. The hours in traffic or the stress of switching from train to train can wear on employees, over time, and decrease morale. Remote working or a condensed work week eliminates some of this stress and increases morale. Some companies also offer subsidies for those with longer and costlier commutes.

Even if one loves their job, they can certainly use a boost every now and then. With these creative ways to increase employee morale, the mood around the office will never be better!

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