8 Foolproof Tips To Becoming The Best Manager Yet


Receiving a promotion is only the first of many exciting career opportunities that are on the horizon. And while there is much to celebrate about, your pay raise and fancy new office will come at a price. To secure your role as a head honcho, you have some leveling up to do. Here are eight surefire tips to help you own your new position.

  1. Learn How To Effectively Delegate Tasks

Breathing down your employees’ necks is a sure way to lose respect as superior. Micromanaging comes from a lack of trust and a willingness to control every minor detail of the workday. While it is important to check in here and there, to improve the flow of things, mindfully distribute the workload, and trust that your employees will deliver on their responsibilities.

  1. Spruce Up Your Communication Skills

Poor communication skills will make your place of business the playing grounds for misunderstandings, unnecessary mistakes, gossip, and subpar results. Highly effective managers give clear directions and offer feedback when necessary. When people are fully aware of what is expected of them, they tend to perform better.

  1. Lead By Example

As you become more responsible for the actions of others, your influence becomes much greater, so your team will only be as dedicated as you are. As a model leader, you must keep your standards high and set measurable goals. As you strive for success, those around you will mirror your ambition and tenacity.

  1. Devote Yourself To Getting To Know Your Employees

While it is important to keep a professional relationship with your employees, it is also equally as crucial to get to know them as individuals. Enhancing your familiarity with the different personality types as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your staff will give you an unmatched advantage over the day to day challenges.

  1. Become An Expert At Conflict Resolution

Conflicts will arise, and you will be left to put out the fires. Leave your biases at home, and avoid using words that will trigger an unfavorable outcome. Allow each party to state their concerns in a respectful manner, and aim for a fair resolution.

  1. Work On Your Time Management Skills

There are only so many hours in the day, and as a supervisor, it may feel as if you are working with even less. It is your job to determine how long each task should take so that all deadlines will be met. Being adept in time management also plays a huge part in balancing overtime hours and ensuring that there is enough coverage throughout the day. A time card calculator app can make it easy to effectively track the number of hours worked.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Admit When You Are Wrong

Department head or not, no one likes an arrogant know-it-all. Generally, people respect honesty over most things. Being able to own up to your faults makes you more relatable, and others will feel increasingly comfortable with admitting their shortcomings as well.

  1. Become An Enthusiastic Supporter

A little support goes a long way. Mold your team into envisioning the best, achieving the best, and being the best at all they do. Recognize their hidden potential, and remind them that the sky is the limit. As the captain of the ship, your words pack a lot of power, and the more you recognize strong efforts and achievements, the harder your employees will work to maintain your praises.

Managers who fail to take their jobs seriously may be faced with a demotion sooner than later. However, if you were offered the position, you harbor the ability to excel at it. Be patient with yourself, and ask for help when you feel stuck. When you foster good habits and push for even better results, you will become a much stronger force to reckon with.


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