4 Ways to Brighten Your Jewelry and Accessories Sales Numbers


Over the years, customers have evolved in the way they shop for jewelry. Today, jewelry and accessories customers are turning to brands that offer a more comprehensive buying experience with a significant web presence. Nonetheless, the industry has remained stable. Jewelry and accessories industry reports show a strong demand for high-end products. In this post, we will highlight five ways in which you can expand your customer base.

Provide More Options Through an eCommerce Store

Jewelry customers cannot simply sample all your designs in one visit to your shop. So, having an online jewelry store means that they can access them whenever they have time. This way, they can review even more options than they would have done on your premises.

To match the luxury of the in-store experience, you should scale up your online purchase experience with a great product gallery, a sensible navigation system, and a better mobile experience. If possible, offer customers digital features that enable them to search for jewelry based on fine-grained parameters like design type and the amount of gold.

Social Influencer Marketing

Trust is a sacred commodity, especially in the digital space. Most consumers are less likely to respond to ads from random people or businesses. In fact, almost two-thirds (64%) of them find ads to be annoying. What they are looking for is authenticity. That’s why influencer marketing has proved to work so well, such that even big brands are paying attention.

You see, human beings are social creatures who form circles with those they relate to the most. Influencers are popular people online who form circles of like-minded people with similar interests, wants, and needs.

Over the last few years, influencers have been keen to protect their image by promoting brands that will genuinely benefit their audience. So, followers tend to trust them. Typically, an influencer’s followers trust them enough to listen when they recommend a certain brand or product, and yes, that could mean your jewelry and accessories. The flip side of that, of course, is that a good influencer doesn’t want to betray that trust, so they have to know they’re recommending something that their audience will be happy to know about.

Put simply, you’ll have to be a brand with good products, a good online user experience, etc. in order to work with the kind of influencers with the most passionate followings.

Search Engine Optimization

Both off-page and on-page SEO can help you drive targeted organic traffic. Metadata and keywords are crucial to both search engines and your potential customers finding what they want inside your site. Usually, websites that appear on the first page of search results get the most traffic. Moreover, showing up on the first page improves your brand visibility.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns provide you the opportunity to demonstrate authority and expertise to potential customers. Jewelry users are more likely to engage with emails that genuinely interest and educate them. So, you should give your readers a reason to trust you by delivering content that communicates a personality to your brand. The good news is that email marketing yields one of the highest ROI. VentureBeat reports that emails generate an ROI of $38 for every dollar spent.

More and more customers are moving away from physical stores to shopping online. Jewelry customers, specifically, are using online channels and influencers for shopping inspirations. Some of them use these avenues to get the best deals. But you should note that digital marketing is more than setting up a website. It involves running email and search engine marketing campaigns, using influencers, and strategically placing yourself where your customers are looking for you.

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