Five Jobs You Can Get With an English Degree


If you find yourself in a cafe wondering about your future and searching for best vape sites on the internet, you might be wondering, “What can I do with my degree in English?” Contrary to popular myth, an English degree can get you noticed by employers who value creative thinking, clear communication and attention to detail.

Managing Social Media Accounts

Most companies these days use social media to attract and retain customers. A person who understands how to communicate clearly and has experience with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a valuable asset to any team.

Writing Technical Documents

Many companies need people who can explain things to customers in clear, easy-to-understand language, while retaining the original meaning of a document. Technical writers prepare instructions, reports and white papers for the companies they work for.

Handling Public Relations

In order to earn a degree in English, you must be organized and creative, and these are two items of the skill set that public relations managers need to be successful. You must be able to persuade an audience to your company’s point of view, as well as organize and run events and PR campaigns.

Attorney at Law

This profession requires a law degree beyond your bachelor’s, and many people choose to add a minor or even a double major in history or political science. Being a lawyer requires a high level of attention to detail and an ability to sway others with your arguments. The ability to write clearly and to convey a message is also very important.

Writing Grants

Non-profit businesses employ people to help them get funding, and English majors have a distinct advantage in this area because they know how to tell a good story. The job of a grant writer is to persuade people with money to fund your company’s projects. Not only are grant writers creative they also need to have good research skills in order to locate available grants for their clients. They need to pay attention to detail because a grant will be rejected if it has typos and mistakes. Application deadlines are also important, so grant writers must be very organized.

In order to graduate with a degree in English, writers need to know how to work with words to persuade an audience, get the message across in clear and concise language and make sure their work is free of errors. These are all skills that employers value in this rapidly shifting business climate.

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