Five cult movies and TV shows you probably didn’t know had Slots


You can find Slots online for just about anything, from animals and food to sports stars and mythology. Movies and TV programmes are also a popular theme with casino operators, but did you know that while you play casino online for real money, you could be winning that cash by playing one of your cult favourites.

1. Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World

If you are a fan of this oversized gorilla causing havoc in towns and swiping airplanes out of the sky then this is the game for you. Long gone are the black and white days of King Kong smashing through a fake bite-size town. In this game you roll with the star-studded cast of the 2005 blockbuster, including the hilarious Jack Black, Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts.

This isn’t your straightforward slot game of just spinning. In this game you’ll be given the option to play in either Big City Mode or Jungle Mode, meaning you decide how you want the movie to play out and, of course, you’ll hopefully be winning prizes along the way, so swing on over and get playing.

2. Terminator Genesis

Go back in time to 1984 to join forces with Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor to take out T-1000, destroy Skynet and make it to the time machine to fight for the future in this Slot game.

Keep an eye out for the high-paying John Connor, Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and the Terminator, who will be joined by characters and images from the 2015 movie, including the teddy bear, dismembered hand and the photo.

At any point, the Terminator Car Chase Bonus can come into play. The aim is destroy the T-1000 icons to win cash prizes of up 10x the line bet, a win multiplier of up to 5x, or a re-spin symbol, which will allow you another go at the T-1000s. Hasta la vista, baby.

3. Robocop

If 1980s Cyborgs are your thing and you’ve given Terminator Genesis a go, why not try the Robocop slot game. Fight Crime and win some wonga along the way with this cool action icon. Just like the movie the Slot game is full of endless action and explosions. There are four random features and fantastic free spins bonuses.

4. The Mummy

This game isn’t just jam packed with your favourite actors from the blockbuster movie, including Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, but it also includes eight feature rounds. On this journey back to Ancient Egypt, you could scoop up to £500,000 in search of the Mummy’s lost treasures.

The Mummy’s Lost City Adventure Bonus game can come into play at any time and at any stake – winning you money instantly. To add to the thrill there are eight add-ons enhancing your winnings, meaning everyone has a chance of bringing home the mega money.

5. American Dad

We are ending our list with a more light-hearted Slot game based on the ever popular animated adult comedy, American Dad. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll be joined by some of your favourite faces, including Stan, Francine, Hayley, Roger and Steve.

The Schmooblydong free spins are a key aspect of this game. Landing a Schmooblydong symbol on reel one determines a character, a Schmooblydong icon appearing on reel three powers the character and hitting one on reel five will determine how many free spins you receive. Each character has their own distinctive feature that adds excitement to the game, from Roger vomiting wilds to Hayley increasing the multiplier by one in each spin.




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