Six Creative Ways to Reignite Your Love in the New Year


Common New Year’s resolutions include exercising, dieting, and saving money. Many people struggle to start making these positive changes, but the calendar turning over is the perfect motivator. A new year is a new slate, and a new decade is the newest slate of all. 2020 is the perfect time to start making positive changes in your life.

Many try to spice up their relationships as part of their New Year’s resolutions, as there is always room for improvement even if things are going swimmingly. You’re definitely not alone if your relationship could use a spark even if you happen to be in a relationship with a female colleague. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to reignite your love for the new year. Read below to learn more!

Take a Romantic Vacation

One of the best ways to reignite your love this new year is by planning a romantic getaway. Escaping the daily grind of work and other responsibilities to relax could provide your relationship with a much needed spark. You can start with a weekend getaway, but you can also plan a longer, more extensive vacation and take time off work using personal or vacation days. Martin Luther King weekend early in the year provides the perfect extended weekend, but that is just one of many holidays throughout the year.

There are endless options for romantic vacations and getaways, and lots of your options depend on where you live. If there is something within driving distance, it’s pretty simple to plan a spontaneous road trip. Just pack the car, turn on the GPS, and next thing you know you’ll be exploring or relaxing somewhere new! Popular romantic vacations include new cities, the beach, and national parks.

You can also plan a longer trip with multiple destinations. Europe is a great option for extended vacations, as it is very easy to hop between cities, villages, and entire countries. You can easily wake up in French wine country and go to sleep in the Swiss Alps! However, this requires a lot of planning and can be costly, so make sure to map out the logistics first. If you don’t want to leave the country, you can travel up and down the coasts for a romantic escape.

Sign Up for a Class

Signing up for a class as a couple is a great way to reignite your love for the new year. Not only is this a great way to spend time together, it leads to finding new shared interests or hobbies that can be practiced at home.

 There is an abundance of couple’s classes available, and it’s very easy to find ones in your area. Just scour the internet or keep your eyes peeled for flyers and advertisements in local establishments. For example, many couples love learning romantic foreign languages such as French, Spanish, or Italian together. There are also art, acting, improv, and instrument classes for the creative and artistic types. Fitness classes like yoga and pilates are also excellent options. It might not be exactly a class but counseling for couples can also help reignite your love while helping address potential shortcomings in your relationship.

Finally, there are great culinary classes out there. You can learn how to cook, pair wines and cheeses, or make your own cocktail with your significant other! After the class, you can recreate these new food or drink recipes at home!

Live Experiences and Events

Sharing live events and experiences with your spouse is another excellent way to spark your love and passion for each other. They can be romantic and create memories and stories that will last a lifetime. Fortunately for you, there are no shortages of live events or experiences that can be enjoyed with your significant other. Sporting events, museums, musicals, concerts, and the theater are just some of the many romantic options!

A Surprise Gift

Your spouse deserves to be swept off their feet, and surprising them with a gift will certainly leave them speechless and help spark your love. They will appreciate the thought, and maybe even reciprocate later in the future with a surprise gift of their own! By now, you know your spouse well enough to know what they would want as a gift, but here are some ideas in case you’re struggling with the perfect present.

One great gift is a piece of jewelry, such as a new wedding ring or band. Jewelry makes for excellent gifts, and a new wedding band will shine and sparkle as bright as your love. The look in their eyes as they open the box will bring back the memories from your wonderful proposal. You can also order from a couple’s collection to get yourself a matching piece of jewelry!

More Frequent Date Nights

Many relationships stagnate, and couples find themselves staying in more and more instead of going out for fun activities, so frequent date nights are a great way to spice up the relationship. All of the aforementioned live experiences and couples classes can count as dates, but they don’t always have to be that extensive. A nice dinner followed by a movie is more than enough to reignite your love when it’s needed.

Make Each Day Special

While all the gifts, trips, classes, and experiences are great ways to reignite your love, make every day special with your significant other and you will surely notice your love for each other rekindling. It’s very easy to show appreciation for each other every day. Start and end every day by saying “I love you,” as those three words carry all the weight in the world in any relationship. Sometimes it’s the little things that go the furthest.

With this helpful guide, you’re ready to reignite your love in the new year! Whether it’s something extravagant like a European vacation or a simple kiss on the cheek and “I love you” before bed, you and your spouse are in for the best new year (and decade) yet!

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