Tricks and Tips: Maximising Your Closet Space


Freeing up closet space does not have to be so hard. You can organise your clothes like a pro if you want to, especially if you have tons of clothes and clutter to manage. You can check these tricks on how you can train yourself in utilising the full capacity of your wardrobe.

Take advantage of the door

There are several ways how you can put some of your fashionable belongings on your closet door. Feel free to hang handbags, scarves, gloves, and belts on hooks with different ranges of weight capacity. You can also innovate a used cork board by attaching it to either the exterior or interior part of the door and transform it into a jewellery nook.

Let something go when you let something in

Do not fill the closet with stuff that you do not use anymore. It might be the items that you have not worn in a year, the ones that don’t fit, or the stuff which has gone out of style. Some say that the reason they want to keep their tight clothes in the closet is that it may serve as their inspiration for losing weight, but honestly, it does not apply to all—no one ever changes size in one night. You can store them in another place. But if you insist on seeing your old tight clothes, you might want to consider installing a fitted wardrobe which can give you ample space to store all your clothes.

Determine what to toss and what to keep

If you are a sentimental person, it may be hard for you to let go of the things that were once close to your heart. But the reality is, your closet won’t expand itself once it becomes full of stuff, so you have to learn and train yourself to toss out those things which are not worthy of your closet space anymore. Categorise them one by one. You could do an inventory or a self-check on each item and analyse why they are worth keeping.

Do not neglect the upper shelf

Space is still space. If you happen to have a small bedroom and you do not have an area to put the things that you have removed from your closet after reorganising it, why not store them in the upper part of your wardrobe. It is a smart trick, especially when you want easier access to your things. Put your stuff in boxes and use shelf dividers, so they do not look messy, and they won’t topple. The floor space is also okay for storing your other things like shoes and slippers.

Before you do anything else, it is best to clear out all the items in your closet before reorganising it. Start from ground zero. We may all agree that dealing with our wardrobe can be daunting—it’s like a battle within ourselves. But always remember that by doing so, it will make our life more efficient and more manageable.


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