4 Ways to Get Started in Computer Programming


The modern world has been redefined by the use of computers and technology, and as a result, JavaScript has become an important part of programming. If you are looking to gain entrance into the field of web development, you will need a firm handle on JavaScript. Learning a programming language has its challenged, as coding concepts aren’t always the easiest things to understand. Here are some ways to make it a bit more manageable when getting started.

1. Pace Yourself

Whether its JavaScript or another programming language, you need to take a deep breath and prepare for the long-haul. Some concepts will be easier to process than others, but you will need to devote your time to learning the basics and learning them well. These will be the foundations of the language you are trying to understand, so don’t just do the work to make it through. If you are enrolled in an interactive course, take notes and really work through each problem or assignment. A multisensory approach increases your retention abilities. The basics will set the stage for the more complicated terms and syntax that are introduced down the road, so if you don’t understand something, don’t fake it or shake it off.

2. Bring in Resources

Many students enroll in an online course or at a higher ed institution for programming instruction. This is just one of the ways to improve your understanding of JavaScript and programming, but you should make an investment into additional tools to check your accuracy. Some online courses ask that you paste your programming codes into your internet browser, but if you want to work as a developer, you will need to learn to use a desktop code editor. Fortunately, there are many options for this service, and the Atom code editor is free and user-friendly. This program instructs you on the elements of writing, editing, and organizing code. You can also find online code editors if you don’t want to download something straight to your hard drive.

3. Put in the Work

Your early days of coding might leave you frustrated as you become acquainted with the Javascript error message. In order to become a fluent developer or programmer, you need to commit the whole process, errors and all. You will never get better unless you practice. You might think it is easier to practice within the confines of your course or a classroom, but you will need supplementary practice if you are really going to improve. This where a code editor becomes a useful resource. You can search for a line or group of code that seems interesting or challenging and work through the code piece by piece in the editor software until you are able to understand what each section means. There are also hundreds of coding challenges listed online for eager learners. Select something that works for your skill level, and take a shot at it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck.

4. Find Some Help

Even though you are excited to get started in a new field, learning code can actually be fairly boring. When things aren’t working out with your coding, it is easy to throw in the towel and give up. By connecting with a coding mentor, you can find the support needed to improve your skills and write strong programs. If you are wanting to make coding a career, a mentor is a great way to find out about the details of the field, potential job opportunities, and tips and tricks of the trade.

To get your start in JavaScript, here are four easy to implement ideas. You may need to hire a professional for the best instruction, but if the end results are well-honed programming skills, then the funds and effort will have been worth it.

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