What Are the Most Lucrative Jobs for Writers Online?


There are more than 57 million people freelancing in the U.S. and this number grows each year. Freelance writers are an important piece of the pie and work in a variety of niches and industries. If you’re planning to become one and find work online, you should know what the most profitable niches are today.

When choosing a niche, assess your experience, abilities, general knowledge, and interests. Then, you can do research and see what type of content companies need and pay for.

Curious to discover the most lucrative jobs for writers online? Keep reading to find out the best writing niches for 2020.

Email Marketing Content

Email marketing content is one of the most in-demand types of writing jobs. If you can write email sequences and sales newsletters, you’re likely to get hired quickly. This is because email is one of the top ways for companies to sell their products and services, and if your writing can boost their sales, you’ll be paid great money.

In the same niche, you can also write email marketing content for companies that offer email automation as a service.

Copywriting and Sales Copy

Copywriting is one of the best jobs for writers who know how to sell with their words. You’ll write copy for websites, sales pages, ebooks, product launches, and more.

The best way to learn how to make money as a writer is to write your own website and sales copy. Your conversions will show you what works and where you can improve so you can offer these services to clients in the future.

Business Blog Posts

If you don’t specialize in a niche or want to try with entry level freelance writing jobs, business blog posts may be the right choice for you. Thousands of businesses are being launched every day and they all need blog content. Even existing businesses that don’t have the time or knowledge to post on their blog could use some help.

This is where you come in as a business blog writer. You should be ready to write on various topics, especially if you target small businesses. You can also specialize in small business niches like beauty, wellness, clothing, motherhood/kids, or pets and create samples around these topics.

SaaS Content Writing

SaaS stands for Software as a Service and writers in this niche are in high demand, especially with the explosive growth of new technologies. These startups and companies don’t have time to write content, so you can step in and offer to do it for them.

You should be familiar with how SaaS works so you can write for an audience that may not be. Start by researching the top SaaS companies and see how they write so you can see what the audience likes.

Technology Content

If you have extensive knowledge of IT, programming, software, hardware, and gadgets, you can become a full-time tech writer. Companies need knowledgeable writers to help explain complicated topics in simple words.

With this niche, you should always keep up with the trends, new launches, and innovations in order to stay in demand.

These Are the Most Lucrative Jobs for Writers

Ready to take the next step in your career and go freelance? These tips will help you find the most lucrative jobs for writers and build a prolific career.

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