5 End-of-Year Employee Recognition Ideas


Failure to recognize and reward your staff and associates can be toxic to workplace morale. Even small gestures often make a real impact. From a well-earned raise to using social media to tout the accomplishments of your employees, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of your staff.

Raises and Perks

Providing your staff with a competitive salary is essential for minimizing turnover. Giving those employees who went the extra mile an end-of-year raise is a great way to show your appreciation. Reserved parking spaces, better offices and other perks may all be viable alternatives for businesses that are too cash-strapped to cover a raise.

Gift Cards and Incentives

A one-time bonus or a cash incentive for the those employees who exceed certain goals is another option you may wish to consider. While less substantial than a raise, a gift card or cash reward can still make a difference. Rewarding those employees who go above and beyond can help to motivate the rest of your staff to reach new heights.

Plaques and Trophies

Presenting an employee with a plaque or a trophy in honor of their accomplishments is a proven and effective way to show recognition and appreciation. Quality acrylic trophies made from perspex suitable for display can make a handsome reward. Showcasing the accomplishments of your staff can boost morale in ways that might surprise you. The sentiments from co-workers when you are given an award are a way to feel validated and wanted at your job. Appreciation is the key to work longevity.

Hosting a Dinner or Special Event

End-of-year celebrations and social events are the perfect time to recognize major professional accomplishments. Holding a dinner, hosting a party or arranging for another social events in honor of a single employee can have a profound and lasting effect on the whole office. If you find yourself racking your brains for how to show your staff how much you care, throwing a party for them is always a smart move.

Social Media

Social media can help to amplify the impact of your employee recognition efforts. The chance to reach a larger potential audience means that the right social media post or review can turn a minor success into a far more significant accomplishment. Ambitious associates who are concerned about their professional reputation are often very appreciative of such efforts.

Recognizing your staff is a key concern when it comes to crafting the right workplace atmosphere. The end of the year can often be rife with opportunities to celebrate past accomplishments or to reward superior performance. Ensuring that your staff and associates feel valued and appreciated can do wonders for office morale.

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