8 Fun Vacation Ideas Your Family Will Love


A family vacation is a perfect way to shake off the cobwebs of everyday life and spend time with the people you cherish most. There are many different places and activities you and your family could enjoy while on vacation. For instance, if you are a fan of the snow, be sure to check out Idaho ski resort reviews. Here are some fun ideas for your next family vacation.

Go on a beachside vacation

A relaxing family vacation by the beach has something for the whole family to enjoy. While mum and dad get some well-deserved rest and relaxation in the sun, the kids can spend their days swimming, snorkeling, and playing barefoot on the shore. Cap off long summer days with family barbecues and board-games for good, wholesome fun.

Take a cruise

Travelling by cruise boat gives access to experiences you can’t enjoy anywhere else. For a little slice of luxury, you could book rooms on a cruise liner and enjoy great food and days by the pool. For a more intimate experience, there are smaller ships which let your family explore an area over the course of a few hours or a few days. You can also go for a whale watching san diego cruise for one great adventure of your family for sighting whales and dolphins.

Load up the car and hit the road

For many people, family road trips are the source of some of their most cherished childhood recollections. Whatever the actual destination, it’s really the journey along the way that makes this kind of family time so special. Everyone will love singalongs to your favourite songs, eye spy games, and stopping at roadside attractions. These are the things which make for great family road trip memories.

International travel

Escape the ordinary with a family vacation to a foreign country and enjoy new sights, sounds, and tastes. International travel as a family provides an opportunity to show the kids how other people live. This encourages them to embrace and learn about different cultures. Just make sure your travel insurance is up to scratch to cover any unforeseen misfortunes while you’re away!

Attend a sporting event

For families who love their sport, a fun idea for a vacation is to head out of town to see your favourite team play an away game. Before the big game, you can explore the host city and take in the local culture. Then, when it comes game time, you can proudly rep your home team and show them your support as a family.

Enjoy a staycation

Sometimes, getting a new perspective on your own backyard can be just as exciting as going somewhere new. Be tourists in your own city by staying a few nights in a totally different part of town. You can set aside time to see all the local sights you’ve been meaning to see for years while getting a sense for the vibe of a new neighbourhood.

Outdoor adventure vacation

Getting the family into the great outdoors is a lot of fun. It gets everyone active and exposes them to new challenges. There are many possible activities which your family could enjoy on an outdoor vacation. Whether it’s a few days of hiking, skiing, or mountain biking, an outdoor adventure vacation is a great family bonding experience.

Take the family camping

A fun-filled family trip can be as simple as setting up the tent and busting out the camp stove. The whole family will love nights spent under the stars roasting marshmallows on the campfire. A small tent and some basic equipment are all you need to get underway, but you can go upscale if you need a few more home comforts. However rugged you want to make it, camping is a great option for a family vacation.

Life can’t be all about work. Vacations are an essential component of a healthy life, and reminds us that spending time with family is one of the most enriching things we can do. However, your family decides to spend time on your vacation; it is sure to bring you closer and be the source of new experiences and precious memories.

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Just like any kid, Johanna Cider has always looked forward to every Summer she spent with her cousins. They would often go on hikes and camping trips – taking advantage of Wellington’s diverse and spectacular landscapes. Follow her on Tumblr to see more of her published works.

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