10 Best Careers For Introverts


Taking some time alone may be good, especially if you’re trying to detoxify from the bustles and stress brought by modern life. Many tired souls need this space temporarily, while introverts — those who’d like to preserve their self-manufactured energy, would choose to remain isolated for an extended amount of time.

Most of these people plan their day so they can stay away from things that drain their energy: other people. However, reality would force them to mingle with other people because at the end of the day, we all need jobs to sustain. Which leads us to the question — what are the best careers for introverts?

In this article, we’ll find out jobs that prioritize independent work, provides a quiet working place, and more on one-on-one communication.

Web Developer

Is web developer a good career for introverts? 

This is one tough job to accomplish. With all the hard-coding, bugs to fix and client requirements, the web developer’s role is not for everyone. But if you’re an introvert who loves solving problems, has a knack for coding and willing to go overtime, then you better apply for this post now.

You can earn as much as $79,154 per year. You’ll work in a cubicle or on a desk with other busy developers who might be introverts as well. There’s no need to interact unless the manager calls for a meeting.

Another sweet spot for this post is that it can be a home-based job which is what most introverts would love.

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Web configuration, coding and changing from design to work depends on the customer 
  • Develop procedures for website modification.
  • Making document guidelines

Software Systems Developer

As a software developer, I expect to work on a large part of the design, installation, and maintenance of the software system. You don’t need to talk much with others as you will spend your time, making sure the interface looks good and every feature works. 

With average earnings of $102,033 a year, it’s indeed a good pick for an introvert who’s techie enough to handle the task. The salary is estimated to grow up to 21% from 2018 to 2028, so you better get your career wheels rolling to this path.

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Make and test software for the customer demand 
  • Upgrade existing application
  • Monitor quality of the application


From the word itself, you just need to translate a document to a client’s preferred language. This job can be done online to receive and submit documents. You can earn an average salary of $20.03 per hour and it could be higher if you’re bilingual.

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Translating documents 
  • Examine a material in one language
  • Follow up the clients to meet the satisfaction

Content Reviewer

This type of job mostly needs someone with a good eye for content. Also, an introvert who will work on this job only needs to spend their time writing, reading, listening to music, playing games and watching movies. 

They can build followers, but not interact with most of the time. It doesn’t mean that they should reveal themselves as content writers, movie reviewers and creators can always make use of an alias.

A content reviewer or influencer can earn depending on the number of content viewers and click ads attached to your site or videos.

Private Investigator

From the word “private” you can do this job at your own, for an organization, or for an enterprise. For example, an insurance agency or a law office private investigator are employed by customers to do analyst work. 

Singular agents may have a particular niche such as legal PC examination, legal bookkeeping, or they may give general analysis and recommendations. It has an average salary of $20.58 per/hour and could be greater depending on the request of your client.

The demand for private investigators increased for about 8% according which is more than the average compared to other occupations.

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Researching Information
  • Performing surveillance
  • Interview People
  • Investigate on computer-related crimes
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Working with law enforcement 

Private Chef

An individual culinary expert or private chef is a gourmet expert who is contracted by various customers and gets ready dinners in the customers’ home kitchens, in light of their needs and preferences. Working in private homes and on yachts, making dinners that hold fast to the preferences of individuals from the family.

Some private chefs travel with their clients, which may be a sacrifice for some, but not for an introvert especially those types who love going to different places. Based on the updated data, it has an estimated $72,226 salary per year.

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare a customized meal in the healthiest way possible.
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Shop for groceries and ingredients
  • Cook with no waste of food
  • Proper preparation of meal
  • Sometimes cater parties


Although you need to work on the public,the good thing about being a librarian is that you’re working in a quiet place. And if someone makes the kind of noise you hate, it’s your job to flag that person for your sake and for other library users.

Librarians maintain a masterlist of books, arrange them accordingly and help people with their inquiries. The average salary of $27.66 per hour. 

Some Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining order in the library
  • Assist people by providing details
  • Secure the library materials
  • Prepare and manage the budget for the library
  • Writer

Introverts are more often to spend their time on writing, so turning your hobby into a long-term profitable task is a win-win choice for you. Because you can work anywhere you want as a writer, you can book many writing projects without the need to deal personally with other people.

Introverts will surely love this job with an average wage of $23.61 per hour.

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Create content 
  • Edit and re-write articles 
  • Write fiction and non-fiction work
  • Review document and revise written material

Database Administrators

A DBA is responsible for the physical plan and management of the database. They are also accountable for the assessment, determination, and usage of the DBMS. It requires insignificant public speaking and people interactions because it’s more of independent work. You can earn as much as $92,495 per year as a database administrator.

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Verifying database programming by limiting danger 
  • Data handling
  • Software installation and maintenance


As a baker, all you need to do is prepare and make all bakery items for a large number of guests without interacting with them. You’ll be working peacefully and without commotion since you’re just in one place. If you’re opening a bakeshop, hire waiters and cashiers to deal with customers. 

Some Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and bake food
  • Ensure item freshness and sanitation 

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