8 quick and easy SEO tips for small businesses


The word Search Engine Optimization may sound a little complicated, but it is an absolute requirement for website ranking on search engines these days. The mode of advertising has changed drastically, and it is necessary that every business, big or small, remains up to date with it. According to a recent survey, 81% of the total traffic generated on a website is through Search Engine Optimization, underlining the importance of it to a larger extent. Without SEO, the chances of your website being visible on the search engine are less. This will directly correspond to less traffic generation and subsequently, fewer sales.

Thus, it is clear that you should take SEO seriously. There are many agencies these days like link tree SEO that offer extensive SEO services to their clients. If you feel that you are not equipped enough to deal with it, you can ask the experts for their assistance. However, you must have some basic knowledge so that you are aware of what they are doing and reprimand them in case they are not performing as per your expectations. A few tips to keep in mind while doing SEO are-

An introduction to Search Engine Marketing

When you start a business of your own, one aspect that you should put a lot of emphasis on is to market it properly so that more and more people become aware of it and want to check out what you have on offer. This process is known as marketing. Initially, marketing was of the traditional type, which included print media majorly. However, the trend has changed recently, and the online form has taken precedence. Creating a website is one of the basic steps in online marketing.

A website has content. This content should correspond to the search tags that a user puts in the search engine to access a website. The way of achieving this is through Search Engine Optimization. Once the SEO is done for your website, you can use it for effective marketing as you can reach out to the niche of customers of your choice.

Is SEO still worth the time for small businesses?

For small businesses, the popularity is relatively low, and it hampers the productivity of it. Therefore, some full-proof strategy should be in place to combat this problem and bring a company up the rungs of popularity and visibility. SEO is a perfect answer to it. Anyone can do it with proper training. It is easy to implement since it is on an online platform. The results obtained from SEO has also been pretty impressive in previous years. Thus, it can be safely inferred that small businesses can benefit adequately from Search Engine Optimization. You can even check your credit using appropriate SEO tools to know if any agency will fund you for your business.

Quick and easy SEO tips for small businesses

Set up a Google My Business account- when your business is small, you are mostly trying to reach out to the local people. You should enlist yourself in the Google My Business portal and upload all the details pertaining to your business there. This will ensure that you appear on the search queries that are localized. Nowadays, the searches on a global scale also show local results. This can be beneficial for your small business.

Properly optimize information on your business’ website- once a potential customer is redirected to your website, you have one chance to create a good impression, so that the visit can turn into a purchase. Surveys have proven that if the information provided on the website is not adequate, users tend to leave immediately. Therefore, optimize the information through SEO and include all relevant information on the site of the business.

Build a fast, mobile-friendly website- it is a well-known fact that most people access the internet through their smartphones these days. Thus, your website mustn’t be only compatible with your computer but your mobile phones as well. Anyone who visits your business website using it should not face any inconvenience. SEO can help your website become mobile-friendly.

Ensure an appropriate link strategy

You should share the link of your website wherever possible so that the customers get redirected to your site on clicking on them. There should be an appropriate strategy in place for it.

Claim your physical address on Google Maps

If you feel that your small business can benefit majorly through offline customers and is deemed to be more useful for the local people as it corresponds to their needs, you should ensure that your physical address is claimed in Google for best results.

Try not to rely too much on Google

There is no denying the fact that Google is one of the most powerful search engines in present times. However, you should not design your website keeping only Google in mind as many others do the same work as well. Moreover, Google keeps changing their SEO methods and tools for optimization, and that may not be excellent news for your new small business.

Use a clear URL structure

If your URL structure is broken, the search engines won’t be able to access your link, and your website will not show up on the search list. Thus, the URL structure should be very clear.

Launch a blog/ create content

The content is the main aspect of a website that optimizes it for the search engine. Therefore, you should blog or create content that is verified by SEO for maximum hits.

How does SEO help your business grow

Like it was mentioned before, when SEO is done for a website, the chances of it getting a hit on a search engine are more and thus more traffic will be redirected to it. As more people visit your website, the probability of making purchases and spreading the word is more which is the main requirement of a new small business. Thus, your business is also more likely to prosper maximally.

In conclusion

When you learn about the basics of SEO when you launch your website for the best results. It will help you to safeguard your interests in extracting the best out of an agency you have hired to do the work for you.

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