9 Gifts for the Nature Lover in Your Life


Ah, fresh air and sunshine. If someone on your shopping list loves nothing more, why not delight them with a gift that engages their outdoor sensibilities? You know they’ll use it, and they’ll think of you fondly every time they do!

So what should you buy them? Whether you help them eat better off the trail or stay safe while on it, you’ll find something here that’s sure to please. Take a look at the following nine ideas for some inspiration!

1. Signal Colors Multi-Tool

The right gear matters when you’re in the wild. Every device on this multi-purpose tool operates with one hand, keeping the other one free for other duties.

The tool also features an emergency whistle — not that your intrepid outdoors person would ever get lost. A removable clip makes this gear easy to attach to a backpack or belt.

2. NuShield Anti-Glare Laptop Cover

Does that special someone adore working on their balcony on sunny days? If so, they might develop smile lines around their eyes from squinting at their screen. The glare from overhead can make seeing a laptop impossible.

Give them an anti-glare laptop cover so that they can carry their work with them into the great outdoors. Novice travel bloggers and telecommuting workers with a yen for fresh air alike will thank you.

3. Gourmet Beef Jerky

When you spend the day on the trail, your muscles need a lot of protein to rebuild from the exertion. However, if you plan to sleep rough outdoors, you’ll only tire yourself out more lugging a cumbersome steak dinner with you. The perfect choice of protein snack to pack for your outdoor activity would be a lightweight savory jerky – buy fish jerky and fill yourself with protein good for your muscles.

Give the nature lover on your list the vital amino acids they need to recover without adding weight to their backpack. Gift them a gourmet beef jerky set free from all the fillers and additives convenience store brands contain.

4. A Wild Woman Box

Do you have a fearless wild woman on your list? If so, consider getting her a Wild Woman Box full of gear and inspiration for her next outdoor adventure.

Each kit also contains snacks and body products sure to delight her both indoors and out. Show her how much you love her savage side this year!

5. Anchoring Ground Stake Set

Maybe you’re on a shoestring budget — but you drew the straw for the nature lover from the office Secret Santa pot. No problem. Give them the gift of an anchoring ground stake set that will make pitching their next tent a breeze, even in windy conditions.

These attachments move quickly from location to location when changing tasks. When they only want to erect a hammock in their backyard to take advantage of a sunny day, they’ll praise your thoughtfulness, too.

6. A Pressure Cooker

Who wants to spend all day indoors slaving over a hot stove? The nature lover on your list likely says, “Not me!”

Make their dinner prep time substantially shorter by gifting them a pressure cooker that provides savory dishes in minutes. Pressure cookers are environmentally friendly, too.

They offer considerable energy savings over traditional cooking methods, and because they heat food quickly, your lucky recipient can unplug it soon after prep time for additional savings.

7. Wings and Water 7-Piece Garden Tools Kit

Gardening gets your hands in the good earth and produces organic fruits and veggies with no store run necessary. Make your favorite gardener’s life easier this year with a 7-piece garden tools kit with a built-in bench for tired knees.

Every time they plant and harvest, they’ll remember your generosity. If you’re lucky, they’ll share the fruits of their labor with you.

8. Adopt a Snow Leopard

Is your special someone a cat lover extraordinaire? While you can’t give them a real snow leopard, why not adopt one for them symbolically and make the planet a kinder place for these felines?

They will adore the gift, and they’ll get a cuddly plush toy version they can snuggle with at night. You can include the optional gift bag to make their next trip to the market more eco-friendly, too.

9. Sherpa Socks

Spending the day bouldering does a number on your feet. Pamper the paws of the nature-loving person you adore with a pair of Sherpa socks so soft that they’ll never want to take them off.

These feel as warm and wonderful in boots as they do on bare feet fresh from the bath.

Delight the Nature Lover in Your Life With These Gifts

If someone on your holiday gift list would hold hands with Mother Nature all the time if they could delight them with one of these gifts. Every time they venture out into their happy place, they’ll think of you fondly.

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