4 Ways Your Favorite Home Products Could Be Greener


Trying to live a greener lifestyle doesnt have to be difficult. There are many ways that you can enjoy your favorite home products without having to sacrifice their quality. Here are four different home products that you can get in a more eco-friendly version to help with your green revolution.

Organic Bedding

One home product that you can easily shift to start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is your bedsheets, pillow covers, and comforters. Organic bedding is becoming more and more popular since its made of all-natural compounds. These types of sheets allow you and your family to sleep on sheets that dont have any natural toxins. Realize that special bedding compounds, like those that are wrinkle-resistant, actually contain toxins to make them that way.

Crafting Materials

If you love doing some crafts, then you should be purchasing green crafting supplies. Things like marine recovered ocean plastic material yarn and eco-friendly cardstock are a great place to start. When you opt for these greener options, you know that youll be utilizing materials that have been recycled before. To keep your crafting area green, you should opt for turning off devices like a sewing machine when it isnt in use. This will help to conserve power in your craft room.

Household Rugs

Its likely that you have one or two rugs throughout your home. Most people will include some in the kitchen and the bathroom. When you purchase these rugs, you should opt for ones that are made from organic materials. You can get these rugs in all different types of materials including cotton, bamboo, jute, and seagrass.

Cleaning Products

There are many new cleaning products on the market that offer organic cleaning without all the harsh chemical additives. You can find dusting, sweeping, carpet cleaning, laundry detergents, and so many more cleaning products that are marked as eco-friendly and/or all-natural. When youre at the store, be sure to pick up these green cleaning products.

Having green home products isnt too difficult to do. Many homeowners simply dont have many because they dont know what to look for when they go out shopping. The above are just four of the many different types of home products that you can find in eco-friendly versions. Were sure that once you get started on your mission of living a greener lifestyle, youll be able to easily pick out products that are in the green category.

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