What’s Affiliate Marketing And Why Online Casinos In Canada Use It?


Essentially, affiliate marketing refers to a type of digital marketing strategy that rewards third-parties for referring clients or driving traffic to a site. It’s a common strategy applied in many high competition industries like banking and finance, electronics and mobile devices, travel and holidays, and many other markets you can think about. An excellent example of an affiliate marketing program is the one used by Canadian gaming establishments to bring attention to new games, blogs, and articles, thereby attracting a particular demographic of users.

Affiliate marketing works when a blogger or content creator includes a link in his content, directing his/ her viewers or readers to the site being promoted. For instance, if a blogger consists of a link to a specific establishment on his website, then rest assured that a good number of his fans will click through the hyperlink to the site being promoted. As such, most online Canadian online casinos use affiliate marketing to strengthen their SEO strategy, thereby gaining more customers.

Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing

All affiliate programs operate similarly, no matter what they’re promoting. However, every affiliate has different payment models to select from, depending on the industry its running under. For starters, CPL affiliates work depending on the cost per lead, meaning the casino must pay for any lead generated. 

On the other hand, CPA affiliates only require payments when the client has achieved his/ her acquisition. This affiliate strategy is convenient for companies looking to gain new clients, as the promoter only makes money when there’s a subsequent creation of a new account or a player tries to play a game. 

In some casinos, affiliate marketers get a share of the revenue generated. That means the amount of money that the affiliate marketer takes home is proportional to the amount of revenue generated from his/ her referrals. 

Why Affiliate Marketing Has Been So Effective In The Casino Industry

With advancements in modern tech, digital marketing can be very competitive for online casinos. The survival of these establishments highly depends on their ability to attract new sign-ups and retain the existing players. As such, any technique that encourages new players to sign up will end up paying for itself. 

Instead of paying for direct advertising, which may, at times, get ignored, affiliate marketing has proven to be more effective in increasing traffic on a casino site and generating sales leads. That’s because affiliate markers only require payments after showing results, unlike the traditional way of marketing. Additionally, links directing to a casino site helps to boost the brand’s awareness and presence on the internet, even when they can’t get enough inbound traffic.

How Online Casinos Find The Perfect Affiliate

While cost is a crucial consideration, finding the right affiliate for any online casino depends on your expertise in market niches. Most webmasters and bloggers use an established network with a wide array of affiliates looking to embed their links on their content to direct their users to the casinos being promoted. As such, it’s best for online casinos to promote their services and products using an established affiliates network instead of relying on direct relationships with a few third-party site owners.

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