The Best 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse


Are you celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary soon? Then congratulations!

That’s definitely no small feat; a fair amount of marriages end before the two-decade mark, so this silver anniversary is definitely one to cherish!

But are you at a loss of what to get your spouse? After all, you’ve already spent 24 other years giving them creative presents, so you may be running out of ideas.

Not to worry. We’re here with some of the best 25th wedding anniversary gifts for some inspiration!

“I Still Do” Necklace

Get your sweetie a meaningful piece of jewelry this year. After you’ve been together for so long, it’s easy to just buy more jewelry without much thought.

This year, make it one to remember. A hand-stamped “I still do” necklace with your wedding anniversary date will mean the world to your other half. And they can wear it all the time and keep it close to their heart.

Champagne Flutes

You’re bound to drink champagne in celebration of your anniversary, right? So why not surprise your spouse with some special champagne flutes that have “25th” across them?

After all, being together for a quarter of a century is a big deal. Splurge a little this year and you’ll have champagne flutes to remember this anniversary for the rest of time.

Custom Anniversary Scrapbook

You might not have time to put together your own scrapbook, but that’s ok. There are now plenty of services out there that can do it for you!

While you might worry that this is impersonal, do keep in mind there are services that customize your scrapbook.

For instance, you can send in your digital photos, and not only will a company put them in order in a scrapbook for you, but they’ll also include digital clippings from major newspapers over the years. So you’ll get to see both your memories and important things that happened around the world on your 24 previous anniversaries.

Framed Anniversary Vows

When you’ve been together for so long, it can be easy for your wedding vows to fall to the back of your minds.

Remind yourselves why you love each other so much by printing out a wedding photo and your wedding vows across the top.

An Engagement Ring

We know what you’re thinking: an engagement ring after 25 years together? That’s crazy!

But hear us out. After 2.5 decades, you might be super comfortable with one another. Maybe too comfortable.

Buying your other half an engagement ring can bring you back to the early honeymoon days, especially if you make a second proposal!

Rose gold engagement rings are an excellent choice since they’re elegant and beautiful. Never mind that the 25th anniversary’s gift is technically silver; with a ring this beautiful, we’re sure your loved one can forgive this detail.

Make It an Unforgettable 25th Wedding Anniversary

With these fantastic ideas, are you ready to make it an unforgettable 25th wedding anniversary for your spouse? They deserve the best, and with these suggestions, they’ll definitely be getting it!

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