Taking Your Office Into a More Efficient Future


As people turn to startups, internet-based businesses and new types of enterprise, the modern office space continues to evolve from what many of us are used to. Forward-facing companies need to look at office solutions that are leaner and more flexible than the traditional leased space with rented equipment. Streamlining costs and making operations scalable are major objectives for progressive businesses. Whether you’re starting a new business and looking to maintain a competitive edge, you should consider these tips for taking your company into the future.

Progressive Office Solutions

Leasing office space and renting or buying equipment doesn’t always make for leaner operations. Today’s business leaders are looking for ways to reduce depending on traditional office infrastructure to conduct and manage work. Some options include renting facilities that come fully furnished and serviced that can meet your current and future growth without being locked into a lease. Traditional office spaces also require rooms for large, bulky and heat generating server equipment to allow for network operations and printing. Consider an office environment where serverless printing, mobile printing and other office-wide document management operations are consolidated through use of advanced software. Such a solution allows you to quickly deploy new printers and send updates easier than ever before.

Wireless Storage

Startup business and present-day enterprises rely heavily on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Usage of these wireless devices shouldn’t be hindered by wired storage solutions. Wireless flash drives offer flexible, portable storage solutions to keep up with the way you do business. Such devices can connect to several portable equipment that may not even be in the same room. The flexibility of multiple users transferring data to the same flash drive simultaneously helps you do business better. You can share documents and other important files, such as streaming video, to a team without the use of cables or a wired infrastructure that requires drilling and installing behind walls or in ceilings and floors.

Flexible Wi-Fi Access

Today’s business requires fast and consistent access to the Internet. Dedicated equipment for an office network with cables and server rooms may not be the best for your particular practice. Global Wi-Fi access spots harness the power of satellite-based internet connections to provide fast access for you and your team, facilitating online communication and sharing of data. These hotspots are portable and can be used anywhere in the world, including public spaces such as bookstores, libraries, coffee shops etc.

Interactive Whiteboard

Take your real time collaboration sessions to the next level with an interactive whiteboard. This device looks similar to your standard whiteboard, but it is so much more powerful. These electronic whiteboards can be connected or paired with smartphone apps to enable a group of people to share ideas and brainstorm for digital collaboration. End users can upload and share content from their own devices or the Internet for real time editing and discussion. Gone are the days of writing things down on paper or saving photos of a whiteboard capture. Anything shared on an interactive whiteboard can be saved and shared electronically quickly.

Laser Keyboards

Lugging a laptop computer around can often be far from ideal, as some can be large and heavy. You and your team may find yourselves working in an environment where using a laptop or desktop computer is unwieldy. Laser keyboards project a standard QWERTY layout onto any flat surface. They detect typing movements and translate them into virtual keystrokes on a Bluetooth-paired device. Take a “keyboard” wherever you go and enjoy not having to deal with cables or a bulky laptop/computer. Your desk is anywhere you please.

Changes in entrepreneurship and web-based businesses require rethinking modern office spaces. Renting floor space in a building is not only expensive, but confines you to a lease term that may not keep up with your company’s growth. Taking advantage of virtual office solutions that reduce your dependence on traditional office and network infrastructure is a great way to streamline operations and save costs. Mobility and portability are key to meeting tomorrow’s business demands thanks to increased reliance on the Internet. Leveraging the power of technology and the Internet to conduct operations is essential to improving efficiency, adaptability and scalability.


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