Customer Service Statistics Every Small Business Needs to Know


There was a time when all businesses were prioritizing how they’d come up with original products and increase their sales. The battle lay on which company could provide better service, and that was that. Until the time came when companies realized that customers valued assistance and after-sales support, too.

The digital era has transformed the way customers and businesses interact with each other. What was once a quick process of buying and selling has evolved into something more personal. In other words, your buyers aim to have a relationship with you, and they have a customer care preference that you should understand.

Gone are the days when people would wait out long calls to talk to a rep. Lousy customer service can inspire people to do their transactions elsewhere. Now, consumers expect great things of a business’ customer experience management, regardless of the size. They want near real-time replies, 24/7 support, and competent agents to attend to their needs.

Even if you’re not looking to operate on an enterprise level, caring for your customers has to be one of your top priorities. After all, small businesses thrive on loyal users in their niche markets to thrive. Taking care of your buyers means taking care of your business.

To better do this, here are some interesting customer service statistics, facts, and figures that you should learn more about.

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