5 Destinations for a Fun Fall Vacation


Summer vacation gets all the attention, but does it really deserve it? Sure, relaxing on the beach is great, but there’s so much more of the world to see than beaches. Fall is a great time to visit some fascinating locations.

You won’t have to endure the teeth-rattling chill of winter, and the temperatures are just cool enough to comfortably explore new places. Then, after you’re done, you can bundle up and plan your adventures for the next day over a hot meal. It truly is one of the best seasons to take a much-needed break.

So where should you visit? Check out these five destinations.

1. The Hudson River Valley

People often assume that all of New York state looks like New York City, covered with high rises and asphalt. That’s not the case. Upstate NY is home to some of the USA’s most beautiful outdoor travel destinations, and none are more spectacular during fall than the Hudson River Valley.

Famous for spawning a generation of American painters who sought to recreate its beauty, the Hudson Valley was even called one of the 20 must-see destinations in the world by National Geographic. If you’re anywhere near New York, consider venturing North this fall for some truly breathtaking landscapes, great food and lodging.

2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A longtime retreat for the country’s most rugged characters is evolving into a bit of a scene. Jackson’s rustic charm, however, is far from worn out. Unlike New York, Wyoming is a state known for its open spaces, and Jackson Hole takes that dynamic to the Nth degree, offering mile upon mile of trails and outdoor spaces for mountain biking, hiking and alpine skiing.

Expect to see a full complement of the local wildlife including elk and deer. During the evenings, settle into one of Jackson’s cozy saloons and get your Z’s beneath a hearty wool blanket, surrounded by the still and peaceful Wyoming air.

3. Dearborn, Michigan

Deep in the American Heartland lies Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. Many people know it as the home of Ford Motor Company, which is a reason to visit unto itself. Greenfield Village in the beautiful Michigan interior offers an under-appreciated step away from the hustle of everyday life located close to the beautiful lakeside and only a short drive from Ann Arbor.

Steeped in American history including the workshop of Thomas Edison and turn-of-the-century railroads, this intriguing look at America’s past is the perfect family outing, whether you’re there for the history or scenery.

Don’t get too comfortable, though. Michigan’s industrial past is still alive and well here, and you’ll have the chance to see firsthand where many of America’s finest handmade goods come from.

4. Tahoe, California/Nevada

Tahoe is typically known as a winter resort town, but visiting in the fall is sure to bring just as many smiles with half the time spent fighting snow and traffic.

The village-style layout of this historic gem set into Donner Pass will instantly put you at ease. Tahoe offers something for everyone with gambling and rich shopping experiences to be had on the Nevada side and countless opportunities to explore the outdoors by foot, bike, ski or snowshoe on the California side.

Fall is certainly a special time of year here when the colors of the trees and natural beauty are in full swing before a blanket of snow settles in.

5. San Antonio, Texas

Why not visit somewhere warm for the fall? Come for the sun, stay for the long history that includes colonial missions and local Tex-Mex culture. The city’s historic Pearl District won’t offer you the chance to buy expensive jewels from the sea but is rather a jewel in its own right, home to amazing taquerias and local breweries.

The Texas weather sits in the 70s and 80s during this time of year, which makes it an extremely comfortable place for those who normally have to board up the windows and prepare for nasty weather.

Taking a Trip This Fall

Why not take a trip to somewhere new over the fall? It’s basically a warm-up for the holiday season anyway. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, you’re going to have a lot of time off. Might as well start early!

So do a little research into the five destinations above. You’ll see just how much there is to explore!

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