Discover Joy in Your Work: Finding the Right Career


Let’s get right to it. There isn’t enough time in life to spend it doing work that isn’t fulfilling your soul and making you happy. Change can be frightening and while it’s okay to feel those emotions, you can’t let it get in the way of your ultimate happiness. It’s easy to think of a million excuses not to stray from the status quo, it takes courage to face those fears and excuses head-on but the return makes it worth it in the end.

If you’re not in love with what you do, you aren’t alone — 78% of workers are open to new employment opportunities. The first step to making this switch is to get your perspective aligned, some people are unhappy at their jobs because of the company, not the job itself. Some people may feel like they need a slight shift while others may want to change fields completely. Do some digging and self-reflection to find out what is and isn’t working as well as finding where your passions lie.

After self-reflection, you’ll need to do research to come up with a feasible plan to make the switch. This includes determining where opportunities are, your ideal job’s requirements, your transferrable skills and which skills need to be developed more. If you’ve been contemplating changing up your line of work but feel like there are obstacles in your way, use the career change tips in the visual below from ForSaleByOwner to make the leap. Go update that resume and go after work opportunities that excite you!

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