The Remote Relief — Stats About Successful Remote Work Career


Thanks to the digital age we live in, we don’t have to be tied to the office space for the rest of our careers. The remote work model summoned an incredible amount of conveniences upon working people everywhere. These include flexible working hours, the option of working from the commodity of your own home, and being connected to a network of people you otherwise wouldn’t necessarily acquaint at a nine-to-five job.

Of course, if you are an employer, this is a great and easy opportunity to pursue a cheap, relaxed, and office-less work environment. Furthermore, you can snatch talented workers from all around the world.

Some of the most interesting facts regarding remote work point out that almost all workers surveyed about this topic prefer this way of working and the ultimate freedom that comes with it. We don’t exaggerate – 99% of America’s workforce would prefer working part-time or full-time remotely and at a flexible pace.

Many large industries made large steps in embracing or fully converting to remote work trends. The key industries are transportation, IT, design and media, finances, and legislation. As this trend continues, other industries are investing massive efforts into becoming an industry leader for this work model, not only because of its economic nature but because of the conveniences.

Employers are not the only subjects that could benefit from this working model. As a worker, you don’t waste the time commuting to and from work. You never work in a stressful environment, and, generally speaking, you will feel much less stress (up to 82% of workers reported this).

Needless to say, working remotely gives you more time to spend with your family and significant other, get more sleep, and have a healthier lifestyle.

If you wish to find out more details about working remotely, check out the infographic below. You’ll learn about crucial remote working statistics and trends that will hopefully convince you to start changing your working habits.

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