Remote Work: Using the Best Tools


Remote work, which seemed to many to be a passing trend, has become a global business strategy. The number of remote workers and the time the average worker spends working offsite have both gone up in recent years. While some prophesied that remote workers would be unproductive and employers would reign in what seemed like a free-for-all, it turns out most people enjoy the opportunity to work offsite and many millennials consider it a necessity. Employers are benefiting, too. On the whole, workers who spend time working remotely are more productive than those who don’t.

The climb in remote workers is not even across industries. Real estate, finance, and insurance workers have seen the biggest hike in remote work. However, industries like construction, retail, and transportation that have been typically seen as brick and mortar institutions are also experiencing surges thanks in part to technology. Large networks of physical tools can now be controlled online. Video Chat SDK allows people to communicate effectively throughout the day and cloud-based storage systems allow workers to access and share information from anywhere. Choosing tools for remote work is half the battle when it comes to finding a successful system for workers to engage with while offsite.

In general, as more people look to the internet to provide services and conveniences, the more workers can do their job by simply logging in. 

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