How to Create the Perfect Work/Life Balance?


One of the most challenging things of “adulting” is making that transition into work life. You’d see most elders keep telling young adults to find that work/life balance, to just do it somehow, and while we nod our heads listening to their advice, thinking that it makes sense. But how are you supposed to find that balance? How can you hit that sweet spot, so you don’t have to go home and cry on your bathroom floor every single night?

When most of us start working, we put in a lot of time and effort into our jobs because it makes us feel good. But after a while, things get monotonous, so you have to do something for yourself. Moreover, you have your friends, family, partner (maybe) that you need to manage side-by-side.

Here are a few tips to create a healthy balance.

What Kind of Person Are You?

Looking into your personality traits can help you figure out a routine. For example, if you’re a morning person, assign yourself tough, high concentration tasks in the morning when your productivity is at the peak, and vice versa.

Prioritize Your Time

I know you get this a lot, but it’s true. I don’t think of anything more important than prioritizing your time when it comes to working. If you have a considerable workload, make a priority list, start with the highest priority tasks.

Have Some Me Time

We often forget to take care of ourselves. When we are young and energetic, we work to the point of burnout, and then we lose all our motivation and energy. When you stop doing things for yourself, everything you do starts to become pointless. You don’t feel happy, content, or motivated. Your creative energy starts to get low as well. So, make sure you do things that make you feel good.

Things like meeting your friends, going for a relaxing spa day or just a day where you sit home and binge-watch shows on Netflix – anything that relaxes your mind or gets those creative juices pumping is good.

Make A Work Schedule

Thanks to technology and super-fast internet, working has become a breeze. Most people nowadays opt for freelancing, which gives them the liberty to work at home. While this sounds great, sometimes, this can have a negative impact. When you work from home, people tend to get lazy and too relaxed. We often keep delaying till the last minute.

To avoid this from happening, come up with a routine of your own. Set working hours for yourself and stick to them. This is great because you are in control of what you want to do. This goes for people who have regular 9-5 jobs as well. If you have to bring work home, then plan ahead and prioritize each task.

Take Time to Make Time

You wouldn’t be able to get yourself aligned if you don’t take some time to plan ahead. Pick a day and plan your week, Sundays work best because it helps you to plan the entire week.

If you aren’t good at keeping track of time, then invest in time-tracking tools. Time-tracking software helps you understand how much time the task will take.

It also goes for breaks. You can’t sit endlessly in one place and slave away in front of your computer screen. Take time to make time for your breaks. You can pick a place nearby where you go for lunch every day. Breaks are crucial for easing your mental stress.

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