How do beginners invest in real estate?


There is one golden rule in making a handsome amount of money- you need to start young and early. Saving and investing are two methods by which you can multiply your cash and asset significantly. The amount with which you start need not be very high. Even a few thousand rupees can rake in a big chunk over a period of time. When you are looking to invest, real estate is one aspect that you should definitely consider. It mainly involves trading in properties like lands, homes, buildings, etcetera.  

It is a well-known fact that the valuation of these real estate properties is on the rise most of the time. You should reap the benefits of it while you can. As an investor of the beginner level, it might look a little risky, but once you understand the nuances, there is no better option than real estate investment. 

What are the potential benefits of real estate investing?

One of the most important benefits of investing in real estate is the leverage you get when compared to stocks and bonds. For example, when you want to buy a stock, you have to pay the entire amount at once. However, in real estate, you have to make a down payment, which generally ranges from 20-25%, and the property is yours.

You can start living or renting it out and pay the rest of the amount with interest over a period of time. If you are well aware of the finances, this is a very good investment move. Moreover, the chances of losses from real investment dealing are also low. Thus, it is a relatively safe form of investing.

If you are a beginner in the real estate business, here are a few things to be kept in mind-

First, get your finances in order. 

This applies to any investment as such. When you start, you need to put up some cash upfront. Therefore, firstly, you should be aware of your capacity to invest and put your finances in order before making that dip. 

Use an Online Real Estate Platform

 Everything is online these days, and real estate is no exception. This is a common platform between investors and developers and sets up an area for business for them. The investors put in a certain amount of money into a property, getting some monetary or occupancy benefits in return.

Try investing in a REIT

The Real Estate Investment Trusts lets you invest in the real estate market without being an owner of a physical property. The dividends from it are high. Though they are of both public and private types, if you are new to the business, public investment is better for you. 

Get to know the Local Housing Market 

For successful investment in the local real estate market, you must gain enough knowledge about it. You can do so by consulting investors who have already been there for a long time. You will know about the rates and the buying attitude of the local people. 

Buy Rental properties to generate the income

As mentioned before, you only have to make a down payment, and you can become an owner. Therefore, instead of renting out properties, you can purchase it and rent out a part of it to others. You can cover the next part of your expense in this way and also make some extra income if possible.

The real estate business has a very lucrative prospect, and the potential is pretty high for beginners, as well.


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