Double Down, Double Up: Learn How To Win At Gambling With These 5 Insider Secrets


Gambling is, well, a gamble! While you’ll do best with lady luck on your side, there are a few tricks and tips that can help you your game.

Here’s how to win at gambling!

1. Know Your Game

Do your research before you walk into a casino. While you might get lucky with a case of beginner’s luck, it’s best to know at least a little something about what you’re playing.

Watch other players who do well to see what games they pick and how they play. Google the games you’re interested in and learn how they’re played. Ask seasoned players for their tricks and tips.

Once you’re confident you know the general ins and outs, go hit the tables and try out what you’ve learned! As you play, you’ll learn what strategies work best for you. From there, you can decide which games are for you and which are best to steer clear of.

2. Play For Fun, Not Money

It goes without saying that gambling is a lot more fun when you’re winning. The problem is that taking the game too seriously and investing too much emotionally or financially is generally where people start to get in trouble.

Approach the casino with a laid back attitude. Enjoy the gameplay itself and try not to be too attached to the outcome. If you’re only in it to win, and not have fun, you’ll defeat yourself before you lay down your first bet.

Studies show that our thoughts become reality. Ever noticed when you’re running late and don’t want to hit red lights, you hit every red light? The same holds true at the poker table. Worry that you won’t win, and you’ll be walking away empty-handed.

Make sure to keep your mind relaxed, and simply focus on enjoying the game. 

3. Know When to Hold ‘Em, and When to Fold ‘Em

Along with knowing your game, know what’s a smart bet and what isn’t. Gambling is risky by nature, but you can minimize your losses by playing smart.

Create some general guidelines for yourself about what you will and won’t commit to, and then stick to those rules. Having parameters will help ensure you aren’t overextending yourself on bets that are too risky.

4. Look For High Payouts and Low Jackpots

When it comes to the slots, look for machines that offer the highest payouts and the lowest jackpots. You can find the payout percentages online for most games.

Machines offer anywhere from 80 to 95 percent of their earnings in payouts. Finding the ones that have the highest payouts mean you’re maximizing what comes back to you in winnings per play.

Machines that have huge jackpots pay out less often. Find the machines that have lower jackpots, as they hit more frequently than their bigger paying counterparts. Check out SlotsWise for more information!

5. Limit Your Bankroll

Decide on a daily limit for yourself, and then stick to it. If you’re walking back and forth to the ATM with a “just one more” attitude, you’ll find yourself in the red before you know it.

Set a budget. If you hit it, walk away for the day and try again on another. It will keep you from throwing money away on a day you’re not getting so lucky.

How to Win at Gambling

If you’re going to gamble, there will be days you win and days you lose. Knowing your game, making sure you’re playing the right ones for you, and having guidelines and a budget for yourself will keep your game headed in the right direction and minimize your losses. You may not know how to win at gambling every time, but you can still enjoy yourself within your means.

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