6 Ingenious Reasons Business Professional Should Get a TOGAF Certification


Have you or anyone in your company ever worked with someone with a TOGAF certification? If not, it should be the next thing you do because TOGAF certification means you are working with a top-tiered IT architect. An IT architect uses The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

The architect uses TOGAF for their planning, designing, and development of IT projects. What makes the TOGAF IT architects above par is their ability to maintain deadlines and get excellent results. TOGAF architects can also align IT infrastructure with business units, which helps reduce errors.

TOGAF architects know how to develop and put in place enterprise infrastructure. They put the enterprise infrastructure in place using effective methodology.
TOGAF architects provide this development by using a flexible system.

The flexible systems meet important operational structures and requirements needed by companies. One of the major benefits of using TOGAF certified IT architects is they can do it all of the above at reasonable costs. The reasonable costs don’t strain company budgets and give them untold returns on their investment.

Here are six reasons business professionals should get a TOGAF certification.

What Is TOGAF?

TOGAF has only been around since about 1995. Businesses that use TOGAF will never go back to working their IT infrastructure needs without it. However, there are some companies still unaware of how much positive impact TOGAF provides businesses.

Companies not knowing about TOGAF positive impacts are surprising. 80% of Global 50 companies and 60% of Fortune 500 companies use the TOGAF framework. TOGAF is free of charge if you want to use it internally for your business organization.

However, you can’t use it for commercial reasons free of charge and have to pay reasonable costs for TOGAF implementation.

TOGAF Certification

There are eight TOGAF certified tools and 71 accredited courses. All of which are offered through various TOGAF learning centers. The methods and framework used by TOGAF help improve efficiencies in businesses.

Enterprise architecture professionals become more effective in their work skills and IT deliverables. The same professionals have more vertical growth development by becoming fluent in the TOGAF approach. The TOGAF approach has credibility with companies looking to get a good return on their investment.

Companies realize a return on their investment when they hire and use TOGAF professionals.

TOGAF Enterprise IT Architecture Needs

TOGAF certification includes working on various enterprise IT architecture infrastructure needs. These needs include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Portfolio Management – The status of IT infrastructure
  • Governance – Decisions made on standards, policies, and protocols
  • Technology Lifecycle – Versioning the changes needed for implementation of various technologies
  • Architecture Strategy – IT architecture strategy current state, transition needed
  • Review Boards – Approve the architecture strategy changes

You can find more information on TOGAF framework and certification at the Architecture Center.

The Architectural Framework

The architectural framework depends on professionals aligning the organization’s goals with the company’s IT infrastructure and programs. The architectural framework applies its unique methodology to:

  • Creation of an informational system using building blocks
  • Fit the building blocks together
  • Manage stakeholder requirements and needs
  • Define and use a common vocabulary
  • Research and use a list of standards

Your final step is to research and use the list of standards and compliance regulations to implement the IT solutions needed.

Six Reasons Business Professionals Should Get  TOGAF Certified

It’s not hard to find six reasons business professionals should get TOGAF certified. What’s hard is limiting it to just six reasons. There are many more reasons than six.

  1. Salary Increase and Career Advancement

It’s important to start with the reason that impacts your life most directly, and that’s through your salary and career trajectory. The average salary for TOGAF 9 certification is $133,000 per year. Some of the biggest companies hiring TOGAF certified professionals are:

  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Deloitte
  • Oracle
  • Capgemini, and
  • Infosys Limited

Large and small companies trust the TOGAF certification. The companies know it will meet their enterprise infrastructure standardization needs.

  1. Skill and Management Validation

There may be nothing worth more to an aspiring professional than to know their IT skillsets are being validated. TOGAF is a recognized certification for enterprise architecture. The validation of your skills and knowledge once you’re certified helps you work on your managerial skills.

You also get to design IT infrastructures while meeting with management and implementing their project needs.

  1. The Common Language of TOGAF Allows for Excellent Collaboration

When you’re working on an IT project, it’s beneficial to be interacting with other IT professionals working on the same project in the same language. There are untold benefits to the common language of TOGAF in networking and collaboration. It is the common language of TOGAF that helps businesses provide an effective and efficient implementation within their IT environment.

  1. Targeted Coursework at Reasonable Costs Leads to Excellent Returns

There’s no better way to go after TOGAF certification then by taking TOGAF courses tailored to you or your company’s IT needs. TOGAF also doesn’t cost a lot, so you can take full courses or just take the tests at your own speed when you’re ready. This means whether you take the full course or the tests when you’re ready, the return on your investment is amazing.

This was clearly laid out in Reason #1.

  1. TOGAF Gold-Standard

Many companies consider TOGAF the gold-standard of certifications for IT professionals. Companies just don’t have enough IT professionals to go around who understand enterprise framework. That being the case, the solution is to hire people with TOGAF certification.

Or hire people who can get TOGAF certified quickly once hired to work for your company.

  1. Proof of Trust Concept

Businesses look at TOGAF certification as proof of your IT expertise and knowledge. The businesses then trust your prime caliber skill assets. Because you’ve learned how to partition techniques and define structured frameworks, you now carry impressive enterprise capabilities.

The Capability Framework

When you want to be a part of IT solutions, TOGAF certification is a good place to start. Learning about the TOGAF process and standards allows you to make significant enterprise changes. By learning TOGAF when effective enterprise and architecture capabilities are needed you can answer the call to your own IT growth destiny.

TOGAF framework is considered to be one of the most reliable Enterprise Architecture on a global basis. When you want to become a TOGAF master of your fate and set your career trajectory forward, Architecture Center will be there for you.



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