4 Ways Your Family Can Help Hungry Children


More than 16 million children arrive at school each day without any food until lunch. Although the majority of these children will have a free or almost free noon meal, for many, the free lunch will be the only meal they will have for the entire day. With the stigma associated with free food and the bullying that goes on within the school system, some of those starving children won’t even collect the meal their body so badly needs. It is a widespread problem, but it is not the only problem associate with hungry children. Here are some ways your family can help.

1. Donate

Your family can get together and start collecting coins in a donation jar at home. As you collect the coins, emphasize what the money means to the hungry children. Not only will your kids try to find more coins to put into the jar, but it will also teach them compassion and empathy for those that don’t have enough food.

2. Volunteer

If your children are old enough, take them to a community shelter to volunteer and let them help by wiping tables, serving food, or stacking donations. The impact of viewing the people that are homeless or hungry can have a lifelong effect on your whole family.

3. Charity

If your family wants to donate to a charity, find one that strives to help hungry children first. Eyal Gutentag made a large charitable donation to end childhood hunger in his community in Los Angeles. Look around, and you will find a charity that fills your family’s needs.

4. Collection

If you live in the country, your family may be able to glean the fields or trees for some food for the homeless shelters or foodbanks. Teaching your children the joy of giving can benefit them their whole lives.

Children should have a right to food at least twice a day. That millions do not is appalling in a society filled with so many trillionaires.

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