9 High Paying Jobs Without a Degree


In today’s competitive world, it can be hard to find a fulfilling, profitable career path. If you don’t even have a college degree, you might feel defeated when it comes to finding a suitable job.

The good news, though, is that you’ve come to the right article. There are plenty of ways you can get high paying jobs without a degree. Detailed below are the top nine careers for you to consider. 

Plus, you still have a wide range of industries available to you even without a relevant college degree. Experts suggest that even without a degree in computer science, it’s possible to get a career in tech.

Take the time to really think about what your passions and skills are. Then, you can start your journey toward a new professional career. Keep reading to learn which career paths are in your best interest to pursue without a degree. 

1. Become a Computer Programmer with a Coding Bootcamp

In today’s modern Digital Era, businesses of all kinds have learned to take advantage of technology. The tech industry is vast and continues to expand. If you want to break into that industry, you’re in luck. 

Not every computer programmer needs a degree in computer science. Instead, many employers consider coding boot camps to be sufficient education. As far as experience goes, it’s up to you to do the work and establish yourself as a savvy programmer.  

2. Get Certified to Be a Pharmacy Technician

Perhaps you’re interested in the medical field. If so, consider becoming a pharmacy technician.

These professionals are the ones you interact with at your local pharmacy. They process orders and work with pharmacists to ensure medications are properly delivered to patients. 

All you need to become a pharmacy technician is a certification. Since this is much less time-consuming and expensive than a 4-year college degree, it’s worth your consideration. 

3. Work As an Ultrasound Technician

There’s another high paying profession in the medical field you can reach without a college degree. A career as an ultrasound technician is both profitable and rewarding. 

Both ner and experienced mothers love seeing their little ones in the womb. When you get your certification as an ultrasound technician, you’re making that a reality. 

4. Computer Support Is in High Demand These Days

As mentioned above, we all rely on technology and the Internet now more than ever. For that reason, customer support service providers are available to assist people struggling with any digital devices. 

Have you ever called a customer service hotline for your favorite tech brand? Well, those support specialists make great money providing a much-needed service. Plus, they could find sufficient training without going to college for four years. 

5. Office-Related High Paying Jobs Without a Degree in Business

You might like the typical workplace environment in a corporate office. If so, you can spend your professional career working your way through the management and administration roles. 

While it’s true that many professionals in these positions have business-related degrees, it’s not required. Instead, you have to portray your merit and knowledge of the office’s operations. 

6. To Be a Commercial Pilot, You Only Need a License

If you like to travel and don’t have a fear of heights, have you thought about working as a commercial pilot? Of course, some essential training is involved if you’re going to be responsible for human lives. Still, the position pays a great salary for a career that requires no college degree at all. 

7. Get Your Certification to Become a Dental Assistant

Becoming a dental assistant with the Dentist in Syracuse is yet another respectable career you can pursue with a short certification program. This is more convenient and more affordable than four years of college, and dental assistants often get excellent benefits. For more detailed guidance, check out this article on the potential to get certified for a rewarding career. 

8. Think You Can Handle Elevator Installation?

Some people are technically sound. If that sounds like you, working on elevators might be your ideal career path. 

Every building with an elevator needs maintenance and repairs on a regular basis. One version of that is safety audits that are required. 

Because elevators are also responsible for human lives, so are you as their technician. You’ll receive training from an experienced elevator technician to become qualified. You can make great money on this job even as a beginner in the field. 

9. Join the Insurance Industry as an Appraisor 

The last industry to consider without a college degree is that of automobile insurance. When people get into accidents, car damage needs to be inspected. This is how the insurance company can determine the appropriate amount of coverage to grant the driver. 

That’s where an appraiser comes into play. In this profession, you have to know how to evaluate the minute details of cars that have just been in wrecks. While it requires significant knowledge of cars, you don’t have to go to college to be qualified and hired.

Continue Investing in Both Your Personal and Professional Lives

At this point in the article, you have a thorough understanding of the ideal career path for you. Remember that there’s more than one industry where you can find high paying jobs without a degree. It’s also up to you to make sure you are prepared for it. Prepare all necessary documents and complete requirements and tests, especially for medical and aeronautical related jobs.

Still, there are a lot of ins and outs to navigate when it comes to making the most of your career. This is true, in particular, when it comes to managing your work-life balance. 

That’s why it’s so essential you invest in your overall quality of life – in and out of the office. Do this by continuing to keep yourself informed of the day’s top trends in personal and professional achievement. That way, you can stay motivated and prepared no matter what comes your way.

In fact, that’s where we can come into play. We prioritize bringing our readers the latest and greatest guidance in professional development. For that reason, we encourage you to browse through the rest of our website today.  

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