Digital health: a path to validation


Have you ever heard of digital health? Digital media is everywhere. You probably pick up your smartphone before you even brush your teeth to check messages and connect on social media. Of course, there are questions surrounding the work/life balance when you’re constantly connected.

But, putting that aside, the habit of jumping on digital media and registering your feelings, preferences, and other personal information is actually helping to build a digital profile of you.

You probably already know this. After all, the privacy policies on all the different web pages, and even with your internet provider, generate a profile of your preferences. This is used to create targeted ads.

But, the digital information stored about you can also be a digital health record.

Easy Access

There are two aspects to digital health, the supplier and the customer.

The Supplier

The supplier is a medical practice. You can already access a medical supplier’s website to find out what services they offer and how good the service they offer actually is.

But, anyone can create a website, you need to know that you’re dealing with an approved and properly qualified professional.

Whether you’re looking to find Puerto Rico Physician license verification information, or establish how long a practice has been in business, the digital health scorecard can give you everything you need to know.

The information on these databases is constantly updated and sourced from the local state licensing boards, in short, it’s accurate.

You can verify information, success rate, and even ensure the data they hold is correct.

That’s a powerful tool when choosing a health practitioner.

The Customer

The other element benefits the medical professionals and you, the patient. A digital scorecard of you shows all your visits, conditions, potential issues, and any other relevant information.

In short, it’s a complete file of you allowing you to be treated by any suitably qualified doctor. Of course, you’ll usually use the same doctor. But, if they’re away or you’re in an accident your entire record can be digitally accessed in seconds.

The result will be the very best possible care for you, anywhere in the world!

Product Regulation

Digital health scorecards can also be used to help validate products, especially new ones that are awaiting approval or have been recently approved.

The medicine market is getting very crowded, a digital health record would allow medical professionals to see how good a product actually is and decide whether it should be prescribed or not.

It’s an excellent way of fast-tracking good products onto the market and making sure the poor ones don’t make it.

Combine this information with data from the medical regulators and you’ll have a great picture of any product. This information is extremely useful to medical professionals but it should also be available to individuals. Today, people tend to be much more switched on about what they are putting into their bodies.

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