How to Make Your Lunch Hour More Productive


There are many ways in which people decide to spend their lunch break. Some people take the opportunity to catch up with their friends at work. Others leave the office to visit local shops or eat their lunch at their desk.

How people spend their lunch break may not seem that important, but it can actually have a significant effect on the way they feel for the rest of the day. There are some things that people can do at lunchtime that should make them happier and more productive. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Eat A Balanced Lunch

For many people it can be tempting to eat as quickly as possible at lunchtime. Often, this is because they want to get back to work as soon as they can, but this is not a good idea. It’s important to take time to relax and eat slowly at lunchtime. It’s also important to make sure that nutritious food is eaten. This is because eating nutritiously can help to boost productivity. This means that taking time to sit back and eat healthy food at lunch time improves mood and work effectiveness in the afternoon. For example, a large lunch or one that is carb-heavy can make you feel sleepy and lethargic throughout the afternoon, which is not what you need for that final push in the afternoon.

Fitness At Lunchtime

A lunch break provides the perfect opportunity for office workers to get up from their desks and exercise. Doing this can help to improve mood and make people feel more energised for the afternoon ahead. Having this extra energy means that people are more likely to remain motivated and highly productive for the rest of their work day.

There are several options when it comes to exercising at lunchtime. It’s possible for people to simply go for a walk or a run, or some people prefer to have a more structured routine. If you’re in a city such as London, gyms like Lab Spa hold classes throughout the day that can fit in perfectly with your routine.

The fact is that any type of exercise taken during a lunch hour can benefit the individual and help them get through the final part of their work day.

Social activity on a lunch break

Social activity is good for the mind as it makes people feel happy and relaxed. This is why spending time with other people during a lunch break is a good idea. People can choose to spend time catching up with colleagues, or alternatively, they can check whether family or friends who work close by are available to spend time with. If there is no opportunity to meet people face-to-face, a lunch break is a good time to make social phone calls.

Making plans for the future

Making plans for a fun or exciting future activity is an excellent way of spending a lunch break. This is because making these plans improves mood and gives the brain a break from work activity. For instance, taking time away from the desk to plan a holiday can help an individual to be more productive once they return to work. This is because they feel invigorated by choosing a destination, hotel or activities. They return to work feeling satisfied with themselves and having something to look forward to, and gives them a reason to work even harder as they now have a deadline for many of their tasks. Research suggests that this planning phase is actually the most exciting part of a holiday.

Sleeping during a lunch break

Sleep is important in maintaining health and productivity. If people do not get sufficient sleep they begin to tire and slump throughout the day. Many people find that this happens to them at the end of a morning of work, especially if they have missed out on sleep the night before. In this situation, it often helps to get some sleep during a lunch break. Taking a nap for 15 to 20 minutes can help how to restore energy levels in preparation for an afternoon of work. Many offices have breakouts areas where it’s easy for people to get a few minutes sleep at lunchtime.

In summary

How people spend their lunch break may not seem that important, but, choosing to take time to eat a lunch that is healthy and nutritious can improve health and boost productivity. Exercising during a lunch hour can also boost health and well-being. In addition, socialising at lunchtime is a good idea because it helps to relieve stress and improve mood. All of these factors are very important as they can all help to boost energy levels in order to help individuals be more productive throughout the afternoon.

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