How Can An Applicant Tracking System Enhance Workplace Morale?


For any business, the recruitment process is one of the most crucial steps to success. Not only do your recruitment strategies determine the quality of candidates who join your team, they can also affect employee confidence after they become part of your workforce.

You may already be aware of how using an ATS or online applicant tracking systems makes your hiring workflow more efficient and cost-effective. But did you know it can also have a huge impact on employee morale, retention rates and productivity?

Here are 4 ways in which an ATS can help you boost morale at the workplace:

  1. It Improves Quality of New Hires – When you’re using software to automate the process of weeding out unqualified or under-qualified candidates, you end up hiring better people. This has a direct effect on the ease and speed with which new hires can be trained and on-boarded.

What does this mean for your existing team? Well, it reduces their workload during times of high turnover, which leads to lower stress. Raising the standard also promotes healthy competition, helping you create a productive and motivated work environment.

  1. It Lets HR Focus on Employees – If your HR managers are spending all their time managing recruiters, they will not have much to spare for employees. Using an ATS will cut down the demands on their time and energy, so they can engage with existing workers and handle any issues they face.

Along with automating activities such as posting job ads, filtering candidates and scheduling interviews, an ATS provides real-time monitoring of the recruitment process. This reduces workload and stress for HR managers, lets them work on employee morale, and keeps them motivated too!

  1. It Boosts Candidate Experience – One of the key factors in attracting, engaging and retaining top talent is the experience you provide during the hiring process. With an Applicant Tracking System that offers automated updates and responses, you can ensure they have a positive one.

Potential candidates want to feel valued, know about the company, and move through the interview/on-boarding process as quickly as possible. Being clear about expectations and displaying hiring efficiency gives them greater confidence in your company and employer brand. An ATS can help.

  1. It Helps Recruiters Collaborate – When you’re hiring through various channels, it can be tough to keep track of them all. You need an ATS with a central database that can be accessed by internal and external recruiters, and integrated features that ease collaboration and communication.

Applicant Tracking Systems can be used to update listings on multiple job boards and social media platforms, track applicant progress, and allocate tasks to different recruiters. This reduces conflicts and errors, boosting collaboration, morale and productivity in your recruitment team.

First impressions last a very long time, so a smooth and pleasant recruitment experience should definitely be a priority. An Applicant Tracking System helps you get this right, so you can attract good employees and, more importantly, retain them!


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