Tips on Finding a Startup that will Let You Work Remotely


The number of people looking for flexibility when it comes to their profession is growing all the time. Figures pertaining to the US workforce suggest that at least 43 percent of employees spend at least a portion of their office hours working remotely. The number represents an increase of four percent since 2012.

Remote work is growing in popularity because of the flexibility and the benefits that it brings to corporations. Numerous surveys have already established the fact that telecommuting professionals are more productive and more fulfilled. The nine to five traditional routine doesn’t always translate into a high level of efficiency and more companies are beginning to understand the new realities.

If you’re a professional who’s interested in remote work, you may be wondering whether finding a company that offers such opportunities is easy. The answer would have been “no” a few years ago. Today, the situation is different. Some people want to find remote work because they would love to move to another country or experience another way of life.

Finding a startup or an enterprise that will let you work remotely depends on a few primary considerations. Here are the most important things you need to do, if you’re interested in such an employment method.

Why Focus on Startups?

Startups tend to offer their employees a lot more flexibility than well-established corporations.

Most startups have a small team and limited financial resources. They’re launched by tech-savvy individuals who aren’t afraid of employing new methods of communication.

As a result, brand new business initiatives tend to offer their employees professional opportunities that aren’t available to bigger corporations. While there may be some risks linked to finding employment with a startup, such opportunities also tend to be quite exciting. In addition, they come with the potential for serious growth in the future.

Look for Employment via the Right Online Portals

Whether you offer high-quality essay writing services or you’re an animation expert, looking for remote employment online is the best way to go.

There are specialized websites developed for the purpose of connecting job seekers like you with the right potential employers.

Upwork is just one example of such a platform. Formed after the merger between Odesk and Elance, Upwork is one of the biggest online marketplaces for professional opportunities. You can sort the job offers to identify the ones from startups, smaller companies and businesses in need of remote employees.

One thing to keep in mind is that Upwork has become quite selective about allowing new professionals to join the platform. If there are numerous individuals with skills similar to yours, Upwork may have a temporary restriction on allowing new members to sign up for its services.

Luckily, Upwork isn’t the only platform out there., PeoplePerHour., Basecamp and FlexJobs all feature similar opportunities. If you do a bit of online research, chances are that you’ll come across other platforms like the ones already mentioned. Some of these websites may even be specialized to cater to the needs of specific groups of professionals like IT developers or translators, for example.

If online portals are not quite your thing you may want to learn about other opportunities that you may have not considered. For some it is not just about remote work but finding a job that doesn’t require being in an office or cubicle from 9 to 5 everyday. If you are looking for non traditional types of jobs click here to learn more.

Connect through Social Media

Many startups tend to be quite active on social media like LinkedIn because these websites allow for cost-efficient promotion and a chance to connect with other professionals in the same field.

LinkedIn has an entire section dedicated to remote work ads. These ads can once again be filtered on the basis of industry, location of the company, experience level required and a number of applicants.

While the professional social network is the top choice when it comes to looking for remote jobs, it’s not the only opportunity out there. Following startups on Twitter can be a great option when it comes to learning about new professional opportunities. The same applies to connecting to the brand on Facebook, for example.

Make sure that your online presence is also sensible if you’re planning to use social media for the purpose of finding remote employment. The way you carry yourself online provides a lot more information than your CV. This is why you have to be extra-careful about what you post and share with the world.

Networking Events

A final opportunity you may want to employ is connecting with startup owners and representatives in real life.

Professional events are still an amazing possibility for expanding your professional network. While this mode of communication is old-school, it can provide a level of information that isn’t going to be available via online interactions.

Going to specialized events within an industry that you’re interested in will give you information about the latest developments in the field, the newest trends and some of the startups that have appeared on the scene recently. While an immediate employment opportunity may not become obvious, you’ll get in touch with representatives of the industry and rely on those in the future.

The trend of remote employment is expected to continue gaining popularity in the years to come. Even if you’re not capable of discovering a great professional opportunity immediately, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Be patient and continue searching. Chances are that a great startup will start changing the rules of the game in the respective field quite soon.

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