Denim Skirts for Versatile Looks (For The Workplace Too)


It is likely you already own some denim. Jeans are staples of most clothes closets these days. But what about other clothing made out of denim? Other types of denim clothing are also popular and versatile, especially denim skirts. In fact, you can practically double your outfit options by purchasing just one denim skirt. Here’s more information on how denim skirts can help you create versatile looks.

Denim Has a Strength and Sturdiness Not Found in Other Skirts

One reason denim skirts are excellent investments is they last for a long time. Therefore, there is plenty of time to explore their versatility. That is because denim has an inherent level of sturdiness many other fabrics do not have. A skirt made using a lighter or more fragile material may wear out much faster. 

Versatile Denim Blends Are Available

Another versatile thing about denim skirts is the denim itself comes in pure and blended forms. A completely denim skirt often has very little elasticity or give compared to a denim-polyester blend. Opting for a denim-polyester blend is ideal when the style of denim skirt you choose has a tight appearance. That way the elasticity in the material can help you stay comfortable while highlighting the curves of your hips. 

Denim Comes in Many Colors and Styles

Another reason to turn to denim skirts to create versatile looks is denim styles and colors vary greatly. For example, raw denim is typically darker than washed denim. Washed denim often appears faded. By selecting the right color and wash to match your personality, you can truly express your individuality. 

You Can Choose from Multiple Denim Skirt Lengths and Shapes

One thing denim skirts have in common with other types of skirts is they come in all imaginable lengths from mini to maxi. Numerous denim skirt shapes are also available, including skirts with asymmetrical or deliberately frayed hemlines. Such skirts often look best in casual settings. More traditional denim skirts are perfect for more formal uses, such as creating an office ensemble. Although, certain denim skirts can function well in many different situations with simple changes of accessories. 

You Can Express Unique Quirks with Denim Skirts

If the general properties of denim skirts are still not versatile enough for you, you should also know you can easily add your own unique quirks to any denim skirt you buy. The addition of a few decorative buttons or patches can help you express your personality. You can also sew on pockets or embroider creative designs on denim skirts easily. 

One Denim Skirt Can Act Like Several

Due to the versatile nature of a denim skirt, it only takes one to create the feeling that you have purchased several. All you have to do is wear different tops, jackets and shoes with your skirt, depending on the occasions. Adding other accessories like belts, purses or scarves also creates completely unique looks that allow you to express your personality and get the most use out of your skirt. 

Denim Skirts Are Great in Any Climate

You should also add at least one denim skirt to your wardrobe if you live in an area with dramatic seasonal weather changes. The same denim skirt that is comfortable in the summer heat can provide extra winter warmth under the right circumstances and when paired with the right accessories. That means you never have to pack your skirt away with your other seasonal clothing. You can take it out and wear it any time you want. 

The Final Lowdown on Denim Skirts

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to buy a denim skirt. There are also many ways to wear the skirt once you purchase it. Therefore, a denim skirt is particularly ideal if you have a tight clothing budget. You can make your dollars stretch by making sure the skirt you choose won’t go out of style.


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