Pass It On: The Importance of Business Cards


This is the digital age – who needs business cards when everyone has a smartphone?  You do! Even in our tech world, the importance of business cards has not diminished.

Successful business people use them, and no, they are not old-fashioned.

The Networking Imperative

Networking is not confined to in-person industry conferences and events. You can network anywhere and everywhere.

Sure, if you have compatible devices, you can beam promotional videos to each other.  But isn’t it simpler (and quicker) to hand out a printed business card?

Exchanging business cards makes it easy for you to save time and carry on with the real conversation.

When Digital Doesn’t Do It

Dead spots, internet outages, a crowded elevator, the queue in the coffee shop, on an airplane. At cocktail parties where you need three hands, not two. All these are situations where a good business card beats digital alternatives hands down.

You Get One Shot at a First Impression

People like to do business with people they feel they can trust. Always have a well-designed business card at hand. It shows you are professional, organized and serious about your business.

Think about it: when you give someone your card, you’re complimenting them. You’re also sending a message that you trust them. That makes it easier for them to trust you – and hand you their card in return.

Handing out your card is a networking trick: the other person normally responds by giving you theirs. It’s a neat way to avoid that awkward moment of asking someone for their contact details. Again, simple!

Importance of Business Cards: 12% Keep Them

That’s a pretty good statistic. Do what others do. When you get their card, save their contact information in your phone or on your laptop.

Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media channels. They are likely to reciprocate. And that’s good for your business.

Marketing and Promotion

What makes a good business card? A great design that is easy to read. Many people use a business card template and — we tested it — in as little as ten minutes, you can have a great design.

Aside from a cool downloadable design (check out the Move Content with Layout option) our ten-minute card had all the essentials on it:

  • name,
  • tagline (which also serves as a call to action),
  • website,
  • e-mail address, and
  • mobile number.

Those few details allow any potential client to contact you online and find extra information about your business.

Backing up your great business card with a solid online presence is a good basis for your marketing and promotional activities. Can you see the importance of business cards now?

Yes, But Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Yes, they are! Remember, the initial impression you make has a lot has to do with how you present yourself. Similarly, the look and feel of your business card can make a positive impact.

Check out our infographic for inspiration.

The Personal Touch

If you are a freelancer or own a small business, your online presence needs a personal touch. Use your business cards as one more tool in your arsenal of personal branding techniques. Make sure that your brand is coherent and uniform across all platforms.

The importance of business cards as an invitation for potential clients to enter your sphere is real. The card might be small, but it speaks volumes about you and your business.

It can open up doors for you. Why not give it a try?


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