How To Create The Best Newsletter With A Stunning Newsletter Template


Creating an irresistible newsletter can be an easy task with the right guidance. Know exactly what newsletter template is working for so many people here.

Looking for your new marketing dream tactic? Here it is.

You might not know the statistics about e-mail marketing, but you should. Some people might think email is dead, but they’d be wrong. You can generate $38 for every $1 you spend on your e-mails.

With staggering statistics like that, there’s no reason not to be sending emails out. Get the right newsletter template to get yourself started.

All the Things You Need for Your Newsletter Template

Emailing is alive and well: the New York Times has 13 million subscriptions alone. Here’s how to create a newsletter and select a newsletter template that will start and uptick in your subscriptions as well.

A Custom Header

No matter your newsletter template, you need to have a compelling header that’s customized to your brand. When people open up their emails, that’s the first thing that they see.

If they see something that’s aesthetically pleasing, they’re going to be more likely to read through the rest of the e-mail. If they see just text or a sloppily thrown together logo, they’ll know that you didn’t spend a lot of time on the letter, so they shouldn’t either.

Infographic Style

If you don’t have an idea in mind for the type of newsletter template you’d like, infographics are always a hit. People like to consume their information in small, visual chunks. This is just what an infographic layout will give them.

If you’re looking for newsletter templates, Adobe Express has hundreds of beautiful designs for you to choose from.

Working Your Branding

Choosing a template that can easily incorporate your branding is important. Is the color scheme on point with your existing brand? Are there places you can easily feature your products and a logo?

The way our images are laid out and the sequence of the formatting is important. Play with dropping your content into a few templates to see which works best for you.

Use Your White Space

Having a newsletter design that’s too crowded is one of the big mistakes you can make. Allow enough room for your information to breathe. Look at templates that use their space well, and draw the eye to just the information people need to see.

When there’s too much to look at, people tend to skip over details. You want all your information to be clearly digestible, and busyness takes over that possibility. Look at the way that sections are blocked together, make sure there’s clear frames between all your text, and that the colors don’t clash with each other.

Plan it Out

Perhaps even more important than the newsletter template that you choose is the time that you put into your letter.

Before you just send your letter out, you’ll want to put a significant amount of time into figuring out your strategy and how you’re going to execute it. Are you going to send one a day, or a week? What are your goals?

Once you’ve planned and picked the best newsletter format and figured out all your goals, you’re ready to send out your killer newsletter.


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