80% Of Consumers Own At Least One Promotional Product. Here’s Why


Great advertisement requires entering the private life of our customers. Getting closer to perfection requires adding consequential satisfaction backed by usefulness. The only promotion that serves this purpose while encouraging loyalty and highlighting product value is the use of promotional products. These come with your logo and advertising message presenting them in the customers’ eyes and surrounding. Apart from such benefits, promotional items make the cheapest advertising option.

Every business owner prepares a budget for promoting and developing their business and the use of promotional items is a perfect solution to achieve desired results. Apart from being a portrayal if respect and gratitude to consumers, promotional products offer a lot more. These include:

  • Building business relationship
  • Busing advertisement 
  • Promoting brand visibility 
  • Launching new products and services 

Why use promotional gifts

The more your brand is far from your customer’s eyes, the less the chances of thinking of visiting g your store. If you look around you, the chances are high that you have some promotional item with a promotional message or logo got from some of your regular suppliers or business connections. It is true that everyone receives a promotional gift in their lifetime. 

It is high time you considered the same strategy to introduce your brand nearer to your customers. Offering promotional products is the solution to make your brand always stay in the mind of your customers and business partners. However, you need to partner with a reputable company for promotional gifts that will stand out amidst the various competition gifts everywhere. Including promotional items in all your marketing programs comes with high returns on investment.

More benefits of using promotional gifts  

Effective and low-cost marketing

For any small business owner with a small advertising budget, promotional gifts will make your marketing goals achievable. These are a cost-effective solution to market your brand. A reliable supplier will have a range of affordable promotional items to fit your budget and meet efficiency expectations. these cheap but effective items will make a lasting impression on all your customers. According to the Promotional Product Association International, promotional gifts rank sixth among the marketing strategies of successful brands. 

Immediate brand recognition

Branding in business makes consumers instantly remember your products or services whenever they see your logo on a product. This explains why your marketing budget should not miss making promotional gifts. It is no wonder that about 80 percent of consumers have promotional items and keep them for not less than 6 months. This means that whenever the customer looks at an item with your logo or message, they remember your brand. The long-lasting effect of promotional items offers good ROI compared to other forms of advertisement. 

Representing your brand

Just like business cards, promotional gifts represent your brand and products or services to consumers and potential clients. However, promotional items have better results than business cards. About 8 out of 10 consumers are more likely to remember a message on your promotional items compared to a business card. Additionally, customers can misplace your business card but promotional items are not easy to lose. This is because they are usually items people usually use including:

  • Caps
  • Pens
  • T-shirts
  • Umbrellas
  • Wrist bands
  • Backpacks 
  • Water bottles

Brand loyalty

Finally, the use of promotional items comes with various benefits highlighted above and they all lead to brand loyalty. According to the Promotional Product Association International, about 85 percent of consumers are more likely to deal with a brand that offers promotional gifts. The trick is simple. Everyone loves freebies. Offering customers some promotional gifts shows appreciation for their loyalty to your brand to make them come back even more.

During business events and holidays, offering promotional items to business associates and customers is a smart move. Consider offering business associates with promotional gifts from your company. This will make them appreciate dealing with you. Additionally, these gifts can also come in handy during a product promotional or for customers who participate in promotional campaigns like the purchase of items for a particular figure. 

Various customizable items

Promotional items are better when the recipient is to use them regularly. Luckily, a reputable supplier will have a range of items to select from. These come at various prices to ensure that you choose items that meet your budget while serving their intended purpose. Here are some of the popular personalized items you can give out:

  • Flashlight key chains
  • Letter openers 
  • Magnetic clips
  • Memo pads
  • Sticky notes
  • Drawstring backpacks
  • Baseball hats

Bottom line

Branding and customization is a wonderful way to make your brand stand out. A good idea is to use promotional items to create an impact on your customers. These come in various options to fit your budget while offering a functional purpose for your business. Customers who receive your promotional items are more likely to become repeat customers.  

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