5 Mistakes Of The HR Department


Human Resource department is one of the most essential departments every company should have. The department undertakes various roles. There are some mistakes that tend to happen in the HR department and they have a huge impact to the company. They include:

1.Quick Hiring Process

Hiring and recruiting of employees is one of the key roles of the human resource department in an organization. The process ought to be conducted systematically and full of professionalism. It is crucial to vet the applicants of the job and doing a thorough interviewing as well as looking at their documents with care and concentration. If the process is done in haste, the company may end up recruiting staff that are not competent while others will be unprofessional. If the employees are not competent enough, they will compromise the performance of the company since they will not deliver. The department always makes the mistake of describing the jobs poorly and they end up hiring employees who are less qualified.

2.Failing To Update Employee Files

It is crucial for the Human Resource workers to update the records of the employees in their files. This will help in understanding the performance of the employee and the progress as well. Failing to do so will lead to lacking information about the progress of the employee thus it becomes difficult to develop employees and help them grow. The files should be kept in order making it easy for retrieval. Most of the Human Resource department fail to compile the reports and records of the employees and keeping them updated. The HR department also fails to file the valid forms necessary for verification of work eligibility and the identity of the employee as per the rules of the state. In the best HR Conferences , managers are always advised to comply by the laws.

3.Ignoring Employment Compliance Rules

The Human Resources department is the one that is responsible to ensure that the company is adhering to the laws of the land. The state has its rules and laws regarding labour and employment. It is up to the HR department to make sure that the firm is complying by the employment laws. Most of the Human Resource Department make a mistake of ignoring this important aspect of a business. Upon follow up by the government, the company may end up being closed due to lack of compliance. The department also makes the mistake of failing to understand that laws of the land keep on changing and it is up to them to ensure that they are informed and abide by the current laws.

4.Disregarding Training

Training is one of the essential tools that help the company significantly. Why? Because it helps the employees to get enough skills necessary for their development and improved productivity. It is the role of the HR department to ensure that weaknesses of the employees are identified and organized for their trainings. Most HR managers fail to push for employee reviewing and this intern compromises the performance of the company. Training also makes the employees to feel valued and this boosts their morale. It is therefore important for the human resource department to invest in their employees by organizing training sessions for them.

5.Failing To Document Performance Issues

The performance of the company is well known is it is document properly. Failing to document the performance of the firm will lead to poor growth and development of the firm. It is therefore crucial for Human Resource department to document the performance of the company in terms of profits generated and losses incurred as well as the performance of the employees. Documentation will help in identifying the gaps and therefore making it easy to seek for solutions to the challenges facing the company.


The mistakes mentioned above are some of the common ones that many human resource department makes compromising the performance of the companies. The good thing is that they can all be corrected and it takes hard work and commitment to rectify them and see the company elevate to higher heights.

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