Careers With Unexpected Perks


We’d all love to be in our dream job, but few of us get to do what we love every day. Work is a necessary part of life, but some jobs offer benefits that make it worth the hard work. Every job has certain benefits, including employee incentives, gym memberships, days off and bonus schemes. However, some careers offer unexpected perks that go above and beyond our expectations. These careers will make you want to throw in the towel and enjoy the benefits they offer.

Ticket Selling

Ticket distributors sell tickets to the public for a range of events. You could work for a tour company, and provide information on city tours, or work for a website selling tickets for concerts. Some ticket sellers work for package companies and arrange transport.

While the salary varies, depending on the company you work for, ticket sellers get some great perks. Selling items can be difficult, so many companies send their employees on free tours, to concerts or offer discounted London theatre breaks. If you enjoy music, shows or sports events then a ticket selling career might be ideal for you!


Teachers have a difficult job, and nobody should take the role lightly. Dealing with children every day isn’t for everyone, but there are certainly many benefits of a career in teaching. For example, teachers can take advantage of the long school holidays and enjoy a work free summer while still receiving their salary.

There are government incentives to help teachers progress in their careers and meals at work are subsidised. If a school has a gym or IT department, teachers can use them at no charge and save on gym memberships.

Sales & Marketing

Individuals working in sales and marketing roles have to impress clients to secure contracts. Luckily, this means you’ll get to enjoy plenty of lunches and social events at the expense of your company. However, the key to enjoying these perks is showing your boss that you can use them to your advantage.

If you work for large companies, corporate memberships for gyms and country clubs are common, depending on how much schmoozing you do! Sales and marketing managers can also use company boxes for sporting events to impress potential clients.


Journalists get VIP access to a range of events, depending on their chosen field. You could go to exhibitions, trade fairs and even award shows. Rubbing shoulders with celebrities is something we’d all like to do, but building a career as a journalist takes time and commitment.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of journalism is the travel industry. Imagine flying around the world and staying in luxury hotels while being paid and you can see why journalism is such a popular career choice. Talent is the most important aspect of becoming a journalist, and a degree isn’t necessary if your writing is good enough.


There’s a lot of controversy surrounding bankers salaries, but most of us wouldn’t complain about receiving them! High pay and yearly bonuses makes entering the finance world very enticing. Traders and fund managers make the most money, but banks reward all their employees and there are plenty of opportunities to progress into higher paying roles.

Most companies offer their employees corporate gym memberships, subsidised meals and taxi fares for entertaining clients. You’ll also have access to private health plans and excellent opportunities to build a pension fund.

Public Sector

Working in the public sector is rewarding because you get to help others and improve society. Whether you’re working for the police, NHS or council you can receive some excellent perks. Most employees get free parking, great pension plans and regular pay rises, so there are incentives to build your career.

While many people think private sector careers pay more, the public sector makes up for the salary gap with subsidised gym memberships, regular discounts at shops, travel allowances and job security.

Circus Performer

Forget the small travelling shows and think Cirque du Soleil and you’ll see why so many people choose to become a circus performer. Talent and acrobatic abilities are essential to the role, and it can be a dangerous job but if you’re a daredevil, then you could build a fantastic career.

Circus performers travel regularly and stay in some of the world’s best hotels. If you work for a top company, you’ll receive bonuses, free tickets to shows, subsidised meals and meet people from all walks of life. Performers take risks every day, but the rewards some companies offer are well worth it.




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