6 Things to Consider for Great Packaging


You only have one shot when it comes to making a first impression. Whether it is a job interview, date, or social event, the initial meet and greet is important. The same applies to any business. When someone purchases your product, especially online, they want to feel justified in their purchase. Holding a package that feels flimsy, weak, or lacking can seriously affect future business.

The rational mind would argue that it doesn’t matter so long as the product is great. However, that is not necessarily the case. Putting a great product in custom shipping boxes can really speak volumes, such as the care the company places on getting their product safely and intact to the consumer. Picture a company shipping their cosmetics in a beautiful floral shipping box. The consumer will love this and it really complements the product inside.

Packaging a product can be just as important as the product itself. To help you understand the gravity of packaging importance, you may want to keep this in mind. Packaging speaks more about your business and its future than it does the product. Well, that is mostly true. Here are six things to keep in mind when packaging your product.


Cheap does not always mean poor quality. There has been a rise in reclaimed items, rustic charm, and hipster fads. Going chic could take a little more elbow grease and creative muscle, but it is a viable option. Being at the forefront of what is chic and fashionable means that you can take a risk. In other words, you can be the first to use a particular product, method, or material. Get creative and begin to think outside the box. Going chic is a great way to stand out.


Creating a chic product for a target audience that is far from fashion literate is a poor idea. Knowing your target audience and focus group is an integral part of the packaging. Refer back to your business plan and narrow down who it is that you are trying to sell your product to. This could even mean that your packaging may differ based upon the location that it is shipped. For example, packaging for domestic sales may look completely different for international ones. Take into account the culture, age, interest, and the problem that is being solved when creating a package.

Brand Creation

A brand is a powerful tool when it comes to business. Great brands create a following and drive a sense of community. Companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Target have a cult-like following. Their logos become symbols and synonymous to the service or product they sell. This phenomenon is called brand loyalty. This usually entails turning a blind eye to your competitors’ products. A great way to develop a powerful brand is through the packaging of your product.

Color and Emotion

There is nothing inherently wrong with color in packaging. However, that being said it is important not to choose the wrong colors for your packaging. Colors are powerful and can evoke emotion. This can either become a great asset or a hindrance depending on how the concept is used. Bright colors are great for drawing attention, evoking strong emotion, and reinforcing a brand. On the opposite hand, dark colors or faded colors can give impressions of poverty, gloom, and dread.


As the internet makes the world smaller, society becomes aware of the impact it has on the earth. A great way to show that your business is conscious is with eco-friendly packaging. Not only does this show that your company thinks about the planet, but it also shows morality. For example, Apple’s packaging of their MacBooks had a massive overhaul a few years back. They started to redesign the boxes and cut out space. The packaging modeled their slim, minimalistic computers and it was a huge selling point. In this instance, their packaging complemented and helped to sell their product.


Engaging packages are ones that keep peoples attention long after the product is used. The easiest would be a Happy Meal. The red house with its golden arches typically has cardboard cutouts for children to play with. It is fun, exciting, and stimulates the imagination. Another example is Oui yogurt by Yoplait. They package their yogurt in nice glass jars that make eating yogurt enjoyable. Every spoonful is full of a whim as you are reminded of the yogurt’s uniqueness. Consequently, they are also great for repurposing into indoor herb gardens.

Remember these six things the next time you are looking to package a new product. It could mean years of future business.

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