Effective Ways to Keep Your Millennial and Gen Z Employees Productive


Today’s workforce is a fusion of different generations, which goes to show that the work environment we have now is growing into a more diverse and complex setting. One of the challenges of having a multigenerational team is avoiding getting burned-out, as each generation has its own way of approaching work.

Let’s focus on millennial and Gen Z employees for now. Both generations have been tied to negative stereotypes like being entitled and stubborn. Contrary to these beliefs, a survey finds that half of millennials are open to working long hours and on weekends to reach career success.

Meanwhile, Gen Z employees are known to be passionate and ambitious. Statistics show that 60% of Gen Zs find fulfillment in work that leaves a positive impact on the world. Hence, they find cause-driven brands appealing.

As you can see, both millennial and Gen Z employees can be hardworking. Like with other generations, they’re after one thing: to succeed in their careers. It’s your responsibility to create a healthy company culture to help them realize their full potential and keep them on their tip-top performance.

If you wish to improve your leadership and management skills to adapt to these generations’ needs, we got you covered. Let’s take a look at this visual guide that will show you a few tips on keeping your millennial employees productive, as well as your Gen Z employees.

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