5 Steps for Building Personal Brand and Becoming an Influencer


Do you know that 82 percent of consumers will trust a company if their executives are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks? Personal branding is essential in today‘s marketplace. This is the reason why you need to build your personal brand. The simplest meaning of building a personal brand is how you can promote yourself.

It is very important for you to control the development of your personal brand. It is what you want people to see when they search for you in Google, Yahoo, and other internet search engines.

You need to build a personal brand that leverages all your outstanding and unique qualities. That is the only way you can become an influencer. If you want to drive traffic to your website, start using marketing tools, surveys, media monitoring tools, marketing automation tools and learn web analytics basics. Also, consider these 5 steps in building your personal brand and become an influencer.

Identify Your Area of Expertise

Knowing what you really are good at doing is the key to identifying your area of expertise. Follow these steps and you will know which niche you need to develop to build your personal brand.

  • Choose several areas of interests that you love to be involved.
  • You should have at least three areas of personal interests or work that you love to be involved in. Which is the one activity that you are most passionate about?
  • Identify the problems of each area of interest.
  • Google these areas of interest and find out the problems in each niche. Visit websites and forums of each area and see what questions are being asked. You need to do this to understand the sentiments of the audience of each niche.
  • Evaluate Your Talents and Skills
  • After discovering the problems in these niches, you can now evaluate the talents and skills that you will need in helping people overcome them.
  • Select Your Area of Expertise
  • Consider all the research that you have done and avoid common mistakes. Choose the right area of expertise that you think you are most passionate about and one in which you can provide the best solution using your talents and skills.

Find Your Social Platform

Now that you know where you are good at and how you can help people, don’t make the mistake of developing your website right away. This should not be your priority at this time. The foremost thing that you need to do is to own your craft and provide value to your target audience in existing public domains such as social media platforms.

Statistics reveal that marketing companies who write blogs can increase their ROI 13 times more than those who don’t. Look for a social media platform that fits your area of expertise. Then write the most interesting article about it, or have someone do it for you even if you have to pay for it.

You can even shoot videos and take photos and post them on your chosen platform. You must be active in social media to develop your personal brand and drive traffic to your website.

Establish Your Branding Style

You need a unique branding style so that your target audience will instantly recognize your brand. Follow these tips in establishing your own branding style.

  • Create a unique logo. Be definite in its size and placement on your website and in all your forms of communication.
  • Select the fonts that will make your brand unique.
  • Choose attractive and interesting colors. Be consistent in using these colors.
  • Choose and use the best icons that will represent your brand.
  • Choose an innovative photographic style in all your photos.

Set Your Personal Branding Goals

You need to set your personal branding goals if you want to be an influencer or someone that can be trusted. Do you know that 65 percent of internet users consider their online searches as their trusted source of information about companies, products, and people?

Here are three of the most important personal branding goals that you should strive to achieve:

  • To show your audience that you are a thought leader in your field.
  • To establish yourself as an expert in your area of interest.
  • To set yourself up as an influencer in your area of expertise.If you will be able to achieve these objectives, you will be able to build personal branding that will drive traffic to your website.

Keep Your Brand Voice and Tone Consistent

The brand style is important but the brand voice is also critical in attracting your target audience. Like your branding style, you should also keep your brand voice unique and consistent. Being consistent is important because statistics show that it will take you five to seven impressions before a particular brand is remembered by consumers.

However, problems arise when you are forced to use more than one writer at a time. To solve this problem, develop a unique style of writing and formulate guidelines that will maintain it. Instruct all your writers to follow the guidelines and make sure your editor checks all written and video contents before they are published online.



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