How Staff Leasing Works for Your Business


One of the business trends that has evolved and continues to do so is outsourcing. As companies try to be competitive in their industry, outsourcing becomes a viable solution. Your company only needs to determine which among the several types of outsourcing model to sign up for.

For example, through staff leasing, you’re able to fill your manpower slots by hiring a third-party provider. The outsourcing company will be in charge of recruiting your employees and making sure that they receive their salaries, among other HR functions.

These are major responsibilities that require a lot of work and attention from your end as an employer. Thanks to staff leasing, you can delegate them to an expert outsider so you can focus more on project management.

One of the things that make this outsourcing model favorable for you is its management reporting structure. It’s still you—not the outsourcing company—to whom your employees will be reporting to. This is possible since there will be a team leader from your company who will be managing your offshore employees.

You’ll also have the authority to draw up guidelines when it comes to goal setting and performance assessment among your employees.

The accompanying infographic breaks down all the important things you need to know as you consider adopting staff leasing in your business model.

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