A Breach of Contract: 3 Things a Wrongful Termination Lawyer Can Do for You


Employees typically enter into a contract prior to start working with a new employer. The contract outlines the duties, pay and obligations of the employee to the employer. It also protects the employee from being fired at a moment’s notice. A contract breach is when either the employer or employee fails to obey its obligations. If this happens, the party that did not break the contract can claim for compensation. One of the most common examples of a breach of contract is wrongful termination. If you feel as though you were wrongfully terminated, you should hire the services of a lawyer. Here are three primary roles of a wrongful termination attorney.

Provide Legal Expertise 

For those who are not conversant with the Employment Laws, they are hard to understand and interpret. An employment lawyer has a deep understanding of all the federal and state employment laws. They can go through the complex legal terms and explain everything in simpler terms. They can help you to figure out if you have a valid case and best way to pursue it. In addition, a wrongful termination lawyer is highly experienced and has handled many cases similar to yours before. This expertise means that they know the ins and outs of employment law. Thus, they can leverage a network of experts from many different fields to help with your case.

Gathering Evidence

A wrongful termination attorney will gather sufficient evidence to support your case. Call Hayber Law Firm to learn more about preparing for your wrongful termination case. The lawyer will review an extensive of discovery documents and determine what is helpful and pertinent to your case. They will interview any witnesses on your behalf and keep you informed on the proceedings of your case. In case your employer makes any allegations of misconduct against you that are false and can substantially damage your reputation, the lawyer can file a motion to stop them. Your attorney will also help you determine the amount of compensation you should receive.

Representation in Court

As your legal representative, your wrongful termination attorney will file the case on your behalf. The lawyer knows all the rules and regulations followed when filing a wrongful termination cases. They will ensure that the paperwork is completed correctly and submitted to the right judicial representatives. This will help you to avoid delays on the day trial. In court, the lawyer will present all the available evidence strategically and use their tricks and tactics to prove to the court why you should be fully compensated. If necessary, they will present witnesses to make your wrongful termination case stronger. They will answer any questions on your behalf and keep you updated on the court proceedings. All this will help you to increase the odds of winning the case.

There are many roles played by a proficient wrongful termination attorney. If warranted, the attorney can even move forward with the charge of wrongful termination before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The attorney will also assess your claim to determine whether there are other agencies you can file your charge with, such as the National labor Relations Board or OSHA. A charge can be filed with the EEOC and other agencies without a lawyer, but having one on your side makes it easy for you to navigate the entire claim process.

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