10 Instant Energy Boosting Tips To Avoid Mid-Day Slump


We’ve all experienced it. The fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, the droopy eyelids! It’s the much dreaded ‘mid-day slump. And, we all know just how much of a toll it can take on our productivity. If only there was some way to kick it off. Well, as it turns out there is!

Check out these 10 incredibly simple and tried and tested ways that are sure to keep you fired up for the second half of the day so your productivity is not compromised.

1. Try herbal teas

Most people’s idea of kicking off mid-day fatigue is to reach for a cup of Joe. But, that can interfere with your sleeping pattern. In the long run, it does more damage than good. A good substitute is to reach for an herbal tea. For an added kick, you can add kratom powder. An infusion of powder made from red Borneo kratom strains with an herbal tea should definitely keep you sharp when your colleagues are struggling not to drift in the land of sleep.

2. Try Cutting Down Your Lunch Portions

It’s not rocket science that a heavy meal can make you drowsy. Therefore, it goes without saying that anyone who wants to avoid experiencing that mid-day slump should focus on consuming smaller meal portions during the lunch hour. But, that’s not enough. You should also try to include lighter food items such as salad, greens, etc. Do not go for stuff that’s heavy on the stomach.

3. Do Some Stretching Exercises

You don’t even need to get up from your chair when it comes to stretching exercise. There is a bunch of them you can perform on your chair. This post explains some incredibly easy stretches anyone can do at the workplace without needing special equipment. Just spending a couple of minutes doing those stretches should make one hell of a difference and you will definitely feel more energetic.

4. Switch to a different task

Sometimes the sudden drop in productivity around lunchtime may also come from working on the same project for hours. If that’s the case, it might be a good idea to switch to a different task for some time. Oftentimes, a change of scenery is really all you need to keep going and it has nothing to do with you being tired. See, if it works and try it out the next time you feel drowsy and unable to focus. You should also try to finish the higher priority tasks in the first half of the day and keep the less important tasks for the second half, so you don’t have to strain yourself.

5. Take long and deep breaths

Work usually means stress. And, what happens when we are stressed? We tend to take shorter breaths. That means we are not consuming enough oxygen. This can lead to a feeling of lethargy. Therefore, the quickest way to feel more energetic within a matter of seconds is to concentrate on your breath. Take long and deep breaths and you should definitely feel a whole lot better. Just try it out! You’re going to love this little tip.

6. Splash some cold water on your face

There is something inherently refreshing about the touch of cold water on our body. And while you cannot afford to take a full-fledged shower at the workplace, you should definitely try splashing some water on your face, particularly eyes. This will definitely make you feel more ‘awake’. To avoid dehydration and its consequences, you should also keep sipping water at regular intervals.

7. Chew on a gum

You should preferably go with something that has a distinctly strong flavor such as mint. If you think about it, this is an excellent tip for kicking-away midday slump. The simple act of chewing and our jaws in motion tends to have a tonic-like effect on the brain that’s about to succumb to lethargy. However, make sure to go for sugar-free gum.

8. Try the music therapy

When all else fails, this little tip should never cease to help you. Who doesn’t like listening to their favorite soundtracks! In fact, this is most people’s go-to tip when it comes to warding-off distractions all the while trying to stay alert. Download some nice energetic tracks on your phone and plug in your earphones.

9. Share your workspace with a plant

What better way to keep yourself in tune with nature than to have some kind of an herb or a plant right in front of you? To that end, you can put a rosemary plant on your desk. You can even put a bonsai plant. Sharing your workspace with a live growing plant is a natural mood-booster. Some people feel that the fragrance of rosemary keeps them energized. To release that natural aroma, try rubbing the sprig between fingers.

10. Step Back From The Screen

Our eyes take a lot of toll through the day considering we are constantly glued to the computer and mobile screens almost all the time. This can put them under unnecessary strain which leads to tiredness. As a fix, try to step back from the computer screen for a couple of minutes and close your eyes. Maintain an arm’s distance at all times from the computer screen to avoid straining them. You can also wear anti-glare glasses.

Final Thoughts

All these points are incredibly simple to incorporate into your daily work schedule. You don’t need any special investment or tools. All you need is to remember the right tip at the right time. You don’t even need to try out all 10 of them. Just try a bunch or a combination and feel the difference.

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