How Does Meditation Improve Your Work and Home Life?


As of 2017, only 8% (or 18 million) adults in the U.S. said that they use meditation. Although the popularity of the practice has risen in the past decades (as reported by Forbes), many individuals are not yet harnessing its incredible, proven benefits to create a work-life balance. For those who are new to meditation, it is simply the act of quieting the mind, acknowledging your thoughts in a non-judgemental way, and staying in the present moment. If you are looking to maintain healthy remote work boundaries, this practice is highly useful. Explore three ways that meditation can improve both your work and home life.

Reduces all kinds of stress

One of the most frequently cited benefits of meditation is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety levels. This should come as no surprise, as the activity centers around calming your mind, taking deep breaths, and re-focusing to the present moment. As with many people who work from home, or who have a challenging time balancing work and life responsibilities, thinking about future demands can become overwhelming. Instead of thinking about how the house will need to be cleaned before the weekend, or the upcoming project deadline that is looming, meditation can help you focus on what you need to do now. By taking regular breaks to meditate at your desk, or in a calming room at home, you can reduce your daily stress levels. Also, rather than keeping the practice to yourself, meditation can benefit your entire household. To maintain peace among roommates, or among your family, encourage them to take up meditation with you. When you are all staying in the present moment, and not getting worked up over the pressures of life, you can enjoy even more calm and relaxation.

Meditation helps you achieve your goals

In a variety of ways, regular meditation can actually aid you in achieving your business and personal goals. The first way in which this is possible is through the routine focusing of your intentions for the day. When you actively work on keeping your mind open to experiences, and staying in the present, you can reach your highest potential. In fact, a study published by Psychology Today in 2012 showed how regular meditation can boost one’s focus on personal and professional goals by changing how the brain functions. As little as five to ten minutes of meditation per day can start to yield these results. In addition to the focus and openness to experience that meditation can offer, other scientific studies have shown that the practice can enhance your overall creativity and innovation (as reported by HuffPost). This benefit can further push you toward accomplishing tasks that require exceptional problem-solving, and that require you to look at tasks in a new way.

The practice can even boost your immune system

Getting sick at any time of the year can be a major disruption in achieving your work goals, and can send your home life into chaos. Aside from its cognitive benefits, meditation has also proven useful in boosting the immune system. Although scientists are still trying to explain exactly why meditation improves immune function, it is believed that it is due to the complex cognitive changes that occur in the brain. Also, when you aren’t stressed on a routine basis, your immune system can work better.

When it comes to balancing work life and home life (especially when working at home), having any and every tool at your disposal is a necessity. Meditation is one such tool that takes just minutes to use, and can deliver incredible benefits in the short and long-term. Next time you need a boost of creativity, focus, stress relief, or to enhance your immune system, try this practice out for yourself.

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