Make It the Main Event: 3 Tips When Planning Your Small Business Event


In 2017, there were 1.5 billion global B2B event participants. Business events are becoming more memorable. They’re a great way to connect with your staff, colleagues, industry leaders, and clients.

In addition, there are more business events than ever. You can host a simple seminar or a full-on business conference for your niche. 

But organizing your event isn’t easy. If you’re not hiring a professional event planner, there’s a lot you have to learn.

If you’re planning a business event, keep these 3 tips in mind. They will help you organize your event.

1. The Small Details Matter

You’ll be shocked how much goes into an event, even if you never expected some of the tasks.

For example, take transportation in your local area. Are there plenty of hotels in walking distance? Are there buses, subways, Uber, etc. to help your guests move around? And what about parking, for those commuting by car?

The details at the event are also important. You’ll want to ensure there’s WiFi and plenty of outlets, especially if you’re hosting a convention with lots of tech.

If you’re allowing the press to visit, make sure the lighting is great for pictures and video and leave some rooms empty for interviews and press conferences. And to make the room or event more classy or formal have tablecloth linens as a nice sophisticated touch.

Refreshments are also important. If you’re not selling food, at least pass out free or cheap water bottles.

2. Know What Your Guests Will Want

You likely already established your event goals. But what will your guests want?

Keep their wants and needs in your goal-making.

Are they trying to promote their products? Ensure their booth is up to par with their standards.

What if they’re only trying to network? Host many casual events so your guests can mingle with each other. Make nametags with an ID maker to make the introduction process easy.

You also have to take other aspects into consideration, such as the convention layout. Is it easy to find? Is there enough room to walk around and enough space for vendors to display their products?

3. But You Also Need to Keep Your Goals in Mind

Why are you hosting a business event in the first place? This should be your main goal.

Are you hosting an event to promote your brand? Or are you trying to strengthen your niche while establishing yourself as a leader?

Your smaller goals are also important. Are you trying to gain sales for a new product or increase your brand visibility? Maybe you want to find a way to connect better with your customers.

And you can’t forget everyone’s main goal — money. Is the event worth the dollars you’re spending? What does your ROI look like?

Organize the Business Event of the Year

Do you want to host a business event? In order to make it the event of the year, you have to know event planning best practices. These tips will help you along the way.

Do you need more small business advice? We offer plenty of insight for small businesses. Continue reading our blog!


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  1. I love the small deets point Chantal. When I hear of small business events making a huge impact, folks note the small details. Just a little bit of mindfulness, or love, or thoughtful gestures. Little giveaways that hit the mark, all that good stuff, works wonders.


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